‘Unplanned’ Exploded Despite Liberals’ Efforts to Silence Support

Released March 29th, ‘Unplanned’ was a box office success; flying in the face of liberal claims that abortion access is what the people of this nation want.

However, despite the outpouring of public opinion, left-leaning groups want to stifle the pro-life film’s support.

Heading the liberal troops is the social media giant Twitter, doing what they do best- fighting to silence conservative views!

The Daily Wire reports:

On the heels of the film’s massive success at the box office in its opening weekend — racking up a higher cumulative per-screen revenue than big-budget SJW-approved “Captain Marvel” — the Twitter account for the film surpassed Planned Parenthood’s follower count.”

Coming in at an amazing surplus of 324,000 followers on Twitter, ‘Unplanned’ has about 65,000 more followers than pro-death’s champion, Planned Parenthood.

In an unsurprising turn of events last Saturday, the ‘Unplanned’ account was “temporarily suspended”, according to the Daily Wire, with the blame falling on an unknown “error”.

Then, after the account was restored, users were coincidentally unable to follow the film’s page, or in an even more overt attempt to deter support, were quickly removed after trying to follow ‘Unplanned’.

The excuse this time? A “glitch.”

Journalist Tim Pool isn’t buying Twitter’s explanations of the film’s censorships, pointing out in an uploaded video the “systemic problem on their platform pointing in one direction.”

 That direction is not towards traditional family values.

In another odd “coincidence”, Pool wrote in a tweet that he kept getting an “unknown error” when he tried to publish a video about the censorship of ‘Unplanned’.

The film ‘Unplanned’ highlights the journey of Planned Parenthood whistleblower, Abby Johnson, who after dozens of attempts has not been able to get her Twitter account verified.

The tech department may say that this is an “error” as well, but then how do they explain Ashley Bratcher’s unverified account, who is the actress who plays Abby Johnson in the film.

Johnson pleads with Twitter, saying “Give me the dang check mark,” urging them to verify her account.


Whatever the excuses by Twitter, it is abundantly clear that they wish to promote liberal viewpoints, while framing conservative ones to be detrimental.

This is why Twitter has already banned major conservative voices such as Jesse Kelly, Laura Loomer, Roger Stone, Chuck Johnson, “Sabo,” Milo Yiannopoulos, James Allsup, Richard Spencer, David Duke, “Baked Alaska,” Robert Stacy McCain, Candace Owens, David Clarke, Gavin McInnes and James Woods, as reported by Politico.

Some argue that Twitter, being a private company, has the right to promote any line of speech that they want to, but this goes in stark contrast to the company’s alleged motto.

They claim they want to “give everyone the power to create and share ideas instantly, without barriers,” according to the Washington Times.

Jack Dorsey himself, chief executive of Twitter, stated clearly that the company is “more left-leaning,” reports the Washington Post.

It is clear that Twitter aims to put up “barriers” when it comes to the free speech of any conservative users.

But wherever Twitter tries to shut down those promoting moral principles and strong family values, a multitude more make a presence, as seen with the followers of ‘Unplanned’.

Please let us know in the comments section if you have had an experience with Twitter after tweeting conservative viewpoints.