According To Planned Parenthood, Babies Who Survive Botched Abortions Deserve To Die

There was an outstanding victory for unborn babies last week.

While abortionists are determined to slay as many babies as possible, there is a major setback to their plan.

But the fight isn’t over, and there is a long road ahead. But if it’s up to Planned Parenthood, babies will continue to die.

On the day hundreds of thousands of pro-lifers marched for life, the House voted on the Born-Alive Abortion Survivors Protection Act which requires any health care practitioner who is present when a child is born alive during an abortion to:

  1. Exercise the same degree of care as reasonably provided to any other child born alive at the same gestational age, and

  2. Ensure that such child is immediately admitted to a hospital.

If a health care practitioner does not follow this, they can go to prison for up to 5 years.

The roll count was 241 to 183, and the bill passed!

While this bill is not law, and needs to be voted on in the Senate, it’s a major step in protecting babies’ lives.

And even better, if abortions are botched and babies survive, they actually have a fighting chance at staying alive.

It should seem pretty obvious to not kill a child who is born alive.

But while pro-lifers rejoiced, Planned Parenthood objected.

This isn’t surprising, since Planned Parenthood is known for their hatred of unborn lives while claiming to be “pro-woman.”

However, their callous remark on the victory of this bill shows just how evil they are.

In fact, their statement is appalling.

Breitbart reported:

Referring to the Born-Alive Abortion Survivors Protection Act as an “abortion ban,” Planned Parenthood said in a press statement:

[T]he U.S. House passed an unnecessary, inflammatory abortion ban, H.R. 4712, that criminalizes abortion providers.

Medical guidelines and ethics already compel physicians facing life-threatening circumstances to respond.

Doctors and clinicians oppose this law because it prevents them from giving the best care to their patients

Planned Parenthood provides no explanation for why compelling abortionists to provide emergency medical care to a baby born alive during an abortion “prevents” providing “the best care” to patients.

“This bill is unnecessary and is full of inflammatory language intentionally designed to politicize the provision of health care,” said Planned Parenthood’s Vice President of Public Policy and Government Relations. “

Planned Parenthood physicians provide high-quality medical care and adhere to the most rigorous professional standards, including providing emergency care.

The political agenda here is clear: to take away access to safe, legal abortion.”

This absurd statement shows how out of touch Planned Parenthood really is.

As if protecting babies who survived an abortion and are alive is somehow inhumane.

Real doctors save babies, they don’t kill them.

And despite abortionists attempts to take away live, if this bill passes, some babies have a fighting chance.

But Planned Parenthood did get one thing right – yes, the end goal is to take away legal abortion, although there is no such thing as a “safe abortion.”

Instead of giving those babies who are alive medical care, these abortionists want them dead.

This is truly evil at its core.

What are your thoughts on Planned Parenthood’s statement regarding the pro-life bill?

Do you think doctors should go to jail if they refuse to save a baby who survived a botched abortion?

Tell us your thoughts in the comments below.

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