This Shady Abortion Clinic Isn’t Just Killing Babies, It’s Killing Mothers Too

Pro-aborts claim their policies help women, even though every woman who leaves an abortion clinic endures emotional scars.

But some clinics aren’t just causing women emotional trauma, they are actually endangering their lives.

And one deadly clinic has developed an unspeakable reputation of terror, leaving women bruised and scarred if they make it out alive.

Abortions are one of the greatest killers of all time.

Innocent babies are slaughtered. Lives are lost.

And amid the chaos, women are treated like an assembly line.

But pro-abort advocates often claim abortions are “safe” and paint the picture if abortions weren’t legal women would be having them in back alleys.

In fact, their biggest “selling point” to women is the “safety” of abortion clinics.

They go on and on about how warm and welcoming abortion clinics are for women.

But as Mommy Underground previously reported, abortion clinics are anything but safe.

From covering up sexual assaults of underage girls, to completely refusing to care for women, abortion clinics  are a cold dark reality of all that is wrong in the world.

And now, a shocking report reveals some abortion clinics are so dangerous to mothers, they are actually causing physical harm.

One woman went in for an abortion to kill her baby and ended up dying herself.

Let that sink in.

A Cleveland abortion clinic botched an abortion so bad, the mother actually died.

One would think this would be enough to shut down a clinic.

But this place remains open, further causing harm to women.

Not only are innocent babies dying at hands of abortionists, but women are dying too.


Where are all the “pro-woman” advocates?

Why isn’t there an outrage?

It’s a sad day when abortion advocates would rather defend their policies, over the lives of women.

Women should be protesting in the streets demanding this clinic be shut down.

But the only ones advocating for these women are pro-life groups.

LifeSite News reported:

“Pro-life groups from Ohio and around the nation unsuccessfully called for the State to shut down Preterm after the death of Lakisha Wilson in 2014, who hemorrhaged and stopped breathing during an abortion in her 20th week of pregnancy. The Department of Health’s own records, leaked to Operation Rescue, showed it ignored discrepancies in Wilson’s abortion timeline – including how long she gone without breathing before a 911 call was finally placed.

Those records also showed that a faulty elevator delayed paramedics from reaching the dying woman on the facility’s third floor, where all abortion procedure rooms are located. Because Preterm’s frequently malfunctioning elevator is too small to accommodate a flat gurney, Wilson could not be intubated until she had been completely extracted from the building. These delays likely contributed to Wilson’s death.”

This reveals what pro-lifers knew all along – abortion clinics are not safe for women.

Every woman who steps foot into a clinic is truly risking her life, on top of the horror of ending the life of the baby growing inside her.

Do you think this Cleveland abortion clinic should be shut down?

Why do you think so many people are silent when they witness botched abortions?

Tell us your thoughts in the comments below.

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