Tales From The Abortion Table: Warning – This Story Is Not For The Faint Of Heart

Women who support abortion claim abortion is all about supporting the “woman”, and allowing her the power to choose.

They claim abortions are a normal part of life, and the pro-abort crowd has spent billions of dollars trying to glamorize abortions.

But inside the abortion clinic, there’s a dark hidden world that isn’t always talked about. In fact, abortionists want to shield women from the truth of what really happens behind closed doors.

But the game is over.

Women who have been traumatized by abortion are starting to speak up, and speak out, warning other women about the horrors of abortion.

And as these women reveal, abortion actually hurts women.

Life News reported:

“Women regretting their abortions is a common phenomenon. Consider these testimonies:

Monica: “The worst part of abortion to me is the emptiness….I deprived my daughter of her sister or brother, or my son of a sister or daughter. And sometimes when I see my family, I feel like it’s incomplete, because I notice that third person is missing.”

Janice: “The abortion was humiliating. It was dehumanizing. I lost my dignity there in that clinic. I lost my self-respect. It was a very unpleasant procedure.”

Raquel: “God has healed me and brought me to a new place, but there’s still that pain, that loss that never goes away; you don’t forget…..It wasn’t quick. It wasn’t painless. It was horrible. No woman should ever have to endure that type of procedure, or even those lies that they said, that I would forget. Because you don’t forget it.”

Wow, these stories are heartbreaking, and show the devastation and trail of pain abortions leave behind.

Encouraging a woman to murder her child is not empowering.

Instead, women need to mentor and support other women who are pregnant, instead of convincing them abortion is okay.

The scars and trauma of abortion run deep.

Another story reveals a heartbreaking ordeal of a woman who cried out in pain, and was told to “be quiet” so she didn’t scare other patients.

Operation Rescue reported:

“Then she said that it was time for me to go in see the doctor. I was taken in the operating room, put in the stirrups and the nurse stayed there to hold my hand.

He took this curved scissor and broke my water. Somehow my water came back onto me and soaked my gown. He told the nurse to change my gown, I told him that I didn’t care that it was wet, I just really wanted a painkiller. He said that they do care and they were going to change my gown.

So after the nurse did that, he took his entire hand and pushed it inside of me to do something to the baby (to turn him feet first, I presume) and I have NEVER felt anything like that in my life.

Then he took a bigger scissors and did something else inside of me. I was crying, he told me not to scream because I would scare the other girls, his 1st trimester patients.”

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None of these experiences demonstrate love and care of women.

Women are humiliated and dehumanized, as doctors focus solely on killing innocent babies.

And as more women survive the horrific and violent act of having their child ripped out of the womb, thankfully some are starting to see the light, and have become advocates for the pro-life movement.

Why do you think some women think abortion is empowering?

Have you known anyone personally who has suffered from the trauma of abortion?

Tell us your thoughts in the comments below.

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