Dems Insist Killing Babies Is “Essential” Even During A Pandemic

Photo by Hélder Almeida on Unsplash


As the world shuts down non-essential businesses, including elective surgeries, Planned Parenthood and pro-aborts are trying to push abortions now more than ever.

From persuading women to take an abortion pill if they don’t feel it’s safe to leave their house, to fighting back against states who have tried to ban abortions during the coronavirus, pro-aborts are out with a vengeance.

In fact, Democrats claim taking the life of an innocent baby is “essential” to everyday life, and believe women should have the right to murder their babies… even during a worldwide pandemic or if it puts them at danger of contracting the coronavirus.

The Centers for Disease Control and the U.S. Surgeon General have both pleaded with healthcare facilities to cancel all non-essential surgeries and procedures.

By doing so, resources are freed up to attend to the unprecedented number of Americans who have or will be infected with the coronavirus.

Not to mention freeing up medical staff to care for all of those with the coronavirus while keeping those who are healthy out of the hospital for their own protection.

With states begging people to STAY HOME, pro-aborts are doing just the opposite and encouraging women to keep having abortions.

And in New York, a state that actually celebrated the fact they can kill babies up until birth by lighting up One World Trade Center pink, is yet again on the front lines of the abortion battle fighting against any type of abortion restriction.

In fact, New York’s own Attorney General, who is a proud Democrat, boldly shot down anyone trying to stop women from slaying their unborn babies, even going so far as to offer other alternatives for women to kill their babies if they didn’t want to leave their homes.

The Hill reported:

“To be clear, the coronavirus is not an excuse for federal, state, or local governments to curtail women’s reproductive freedoms or limit their choices. Any woman who wants to go into a doctor’s office or into a clinic today and get an abortion should continue to be able to do so,” James said in a statement.

“And for those who do not feel comfortable leaving their homes as we battle COVID-19, we are fighting to maintain women’s access to abortion and the abortion pill so that their reproductive choices are not limited,” she added.


Even during a pandemic, the left is so obsessed with slaughtering the unborn they can’t give it up.

While it is never “essential” to murder an unborn baby, both parties should unite and agree without question during a pandemic all abortions should be suspended.

Some states like Ohio and Alabama, tried, and had banned abortions during the coronavirus deeming them as “non-essential”, but sadly higher courts have fought back.

It’s unthinkable pro-aborts are more concerned about murdering unborn babies than encouraging women to stay at home and be safe.

Even during a worldwide pandemic, they can’t imagine the thought of not being able to follow through with ripping a baby out of its mother’s womb.

It’s clear the left will never waste the opportunity to exploit women, even during a crisis.

But let’s continue to pray that if any good can come during this coronavirus pandemic, abortions will be declared non-essential, and babies will be safe.

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