Some Scientists Are Using a National Crisis to Further Their Agenda – But Colleagues Are Fighting Back

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By now, the ripple effects of the coronavirus pandemic have touched every person in our nation – and throughout the world.

It’s a crisis of historic proportions, and we know the progressive Left never lets a good crisis go to waste.

So they’re using fear and panic to try to undo a presidential order that aims to protect the most innocent among us.

Nancy Pelosi and her cohorts in Congress tried to hijack President Trump’s stimulus package – meant to help struggling Americans – until it ensured women could still easily abort their babies if the nation shut down.

And many physicians and scientists, claiming to care about preserving human life, are in an uproar over restrictions they feel are preventing them from finding remedies or a cure for this devastating virus.

They want to use this crisis as an opportunity to call for an exemption on Trump’s ban on using tissue from aborted babies in medical research.

Last year, before Trump’s ban went into effect, scientists in the U.S. discovered they could transplant tissue from aborted babies into mice in an effort to mimic the reactions of human lungs in the lab animals.

And now, they claim these enhanced mice could be injected with strains of coronavirus in order to test and research what could be used to fight the virus in humans.

These scientists blame the President and all pro-life Americans for refusing to allow the bodies of aborted babies to become nothing more than lab rats, further desecrating their bodies after being ripped from their mothers’ wombs.

When Trump enacted the ban last year, he did so in an effort to preserve “the dignity of human life from conception to death,” at least a small step to respect these innocent lives until the slaughter of the unborn could be made illegal – once and for all.

Research facilities are playing on the fears of a nation in crisis by asking that an exemption on the ban be issued, duping Americans into thinking aborted tissue is the only way to conduct proper research…

…Even telling us that many more Americans will die if aborted fetal tissue is not made available for their experiments.

Rather than benefit patients with illnesses like the coronavirus, these so-called “researchers” simply want to advance the agenda of abortion giants who fund their programs.

Medical experts at the Charlotte Lozier Institute (CLI) in Washington, D.C., however, want the American people to understand just what a false scheme this is.

They emphasize that there are plenty of other safe and ethical avenues to pursue in order to conduct medical studies.

In fact, executives from CLI testified as much before Congress less than two years ago when scientists were clamoring to keep aborted fetal tissue in their stockpiles well before the coronavirus was on anybody’s radar.

Over nearly a century of research, there have been no viable treatments or cures for any disease developed that demand the use of fetal tissue.

Human tissue for purposes of medical research can be obtained in any number of moral ways.

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Cells and small amounts of tissue from healthy adults can be donated and used for research.

Tissue removed in surgeries or other procedures can be donated, as well, not to mention from deceased individuals who lived long, full lives.

And there is a great deal of promise in using the cells and tissue of the placenta after childbirth – after it has served its purpose in creating a human life in the womb.

Planned Parenthood and other abortion giants have been exposed in their profiteering of human baby parts in the past.

And they have much to gain if their abortion mills can claim to be used a resources to save lives – by denying unborn babies their God-given right to live a life of their own.

Just like any other crisis, researchers are using scare tactics to secure resources only meant to line their own pockets.

With so many other options available, scientists’ claims to need the tissue of aborted babies is nothing but a lie… a lie they hope Americans won’t pick up on while they’re distracted by the coronavirus crisis.


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