This Clinic Is “America’s Most Dangerous.” Why Is It Still Open?

Progressives like to argue that abortion is a woman’s “right” and essential to their well-being – but we know the truth.

Abortion not only robs an innocent child of life, but causes irreparable harm to the mother, both mentally and physically.

And statistics from one of the most dangerous clinics in the U.S. leads us to question how it can possibly stay open.

There is only one abortion clinic remaining in operation in St. Louis, Missouri, and the only type of abortion this clinic performs is surgical.

It is Reproductive Health Services, RHS Planned Parenthood, and it has a frightening record of violations and calls to 911 for help with patients in medical distress.

Since 2009, staff at this Planned Parenthood slaughterhouse have had to call emergency services for patient transport to a local hospital a whopping 73 times – two of those in the last week alone.

And these are just the ones that are reported.

“RHS Planned Parenthood is averaging over seven injured women every year.  And this doesn’t count the women who suffer complications after they leave the facility,” states Troy Newman, President of Operation Rescue on their website.

The group has named this particular clinic “America’s Most Dangerous.”

The St. Louis Fire Department settled a lawsuit with Operation Rescue in 2013 in order to obtain statistics about just what is going on in the clinic.

The suit came about because the SLFD refused to comply with Operation Rescue’s request for information under the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA).

And because Planned Parenthood receives government funding directly from taxpayers, Operation Rescue was granted their petition.

Reported emergencies included mothers who suffered a stroke, a psychiatric or suicidal episode, unconsciousness, and hemorrhage – which comprised the majority of reported incidents.

Countless others complained of complications following an abortion procedure, but rescue personnel were not called.  At least one case involved a late-term abortion – illegal in the state after 21 weeks unless the mother’s life is at risk.

But that’s not all.

The clinic failed their health inspection in 2017 with multiple safety violations and a shocking remark from their medical director who didn’t seem to think that regular hand washing was a regulation.

Reports also state that they are understaffed with a long waiting list, possibly because the medical director is working out of state at other abortion clinics.

Their CEO resigned last fall and has not been replaced, and job postings for a new medical director and other staff positions remain open.

And, thankfully, plans to open new clinics in other parts of the state were scrapped due to this particular clinic’s woes, including not meeting proper licensing requirements.

So why is this clinic still operating?

“RHS Planned Parenthood’s frequency in the number of ambulances that transport patients is a huge public safety concern.  It should be immediately shut down until a full investigation into the unsafe practices,” states Newman, according to Operation Rescue.

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And although the center is the only abortion clinic in Missouri, it has also suffered major financial setbacks.

It does not offer abortion pills, and the state of Missouri has increased their regulations on obtaining abortifacient drugs so patients are now traveling across state lines into Indiana to another clinic that offers them.

The financial issues also show the potential for danger to women as the clinic cuts corners to stay in business.

The Missouri Department of Health should immediately shut down this dangerous clinic.  Who knows what is going on behind its doors?

It’s yet another example of the dangers of abortion – especially slaughterhouses that remain open despite violations and complications for patients.

It is time for the last of Missouri’s abortion clinics to close its doors, and we hope the Missouri Department of Health enforces penalties for violations and safety issues before more women are endangered.

What do you think of the frightening track record of emergency rescues and violations in Missouri’s only abortion clinic?  Leave us your comments.