Ireland Seeks To Ban Pro-Life Prayer Near Abortion Centers

The world mourned as the once pro-life Ireland turned from its pro-life ways and made abortion legal.

Sadly for the Emerald Isle, things continue to get worse.

And if Ireland politicians have their way – pro-lifers will be banned from praying near abortion centers.

Politicians are proposing creating “exclusion zones” banning pro-lifers from getting anywhere near abortion clinics to pray.

You see, after abortion became legal and babies started being slaughtered in droves, pro-lifers started to take action.

Peaceful Christians who are deeply grieved at the thought of innocent babies losing their lives to abortion have shown up to pray and be a presence.

After all, prayer is powerful.

But pro-aborts started to get nervous at all the pro-lifers praying outside of abortion clinics, claiming they are “intimidating” women who are seeking to get an abortion.

And in typical fashion, pro-aborts threw a fit seeking to ban pro-lifers from possibly influencing a woman to choose life.

Not giving up a chance to make a political point, Ireland’s Health Minister (who widely supports and celebrates abortion in Ireland) took to Twitter to call out pro-lifers.

Even more horrifying, he actually had the nerve to call their prayers “appalling.”

LifeSite News reported:

“Harris replied to the tweet, saying, “Appalled to see. I don’t wonder why we need it at all. Have been engaging with Attorney General, Gardai & service providers about how best to bring it in in a manner that is constitutional etc. Can assure you I am committed to it and will be meeting cross party on it this month.”

In comments to the press, Harris blasted the peaceful pro-lifers, asking, “How dare you turn up at a National Maternity Hospital and try to intimidate women?”


The fact that innocent babies are being slaughtered by abortion is appalling.

Or the audacity of the health minister trying to restrict peaceful pro-lifers from their right to pray for moms and babies outside abortion clinics is appalling.

Ripping an unborn baby from its mother’s womb is appalling.

The choice of words from Ireland’s health minister reveals just how callous and far gone Ireland is.

Once a beacon of light and example of a pro-life country for the rest of the world now has the blood of innocent lives upon its hands.

But none of this is shocking, as liberal elitists advocated hard for Ireland’s “right” to murder unborn babies.

Pro-lifers should have the right to pray for unborn babies and their mothers, and should not be forced into silence while innocent lives are lost each day.

All eyes are on Ireland to see how they respond.

What are your thoughts on Ireland prohibiting pro-lifers from praying outside of abortion clinics?

Do you agree pro-lifers should have the right to pray and peacefully protest wherever they’d like? 

Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!

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