Ireland Betrays Its Own People – And Signs The Death Warrant Of The Unborn

A major political showdown took place in Ireland, where pro-lifers fought tooth-and-nail to protect the 8th Amendment, which outlaws most abortions in Ireland.

But the wolves came out of the shadows, and Ireland’s so-called “pro-life” groups, coupled with elitist celebrities ran a brutal campaign, turning their back on the Irish people.

And now, the results of the referendum to repeal the 8th are horrifying, and Ireland is set to enter into a dark era.

Even worse, it happened because of the Irish people’s refusal to stand up for life.

The referendum was centered around repealing the 8th Amendment, which protected both the mother and her unborn baby.

But it’s estimated a whopping 64 percent of people in Ireland voted to repeal this law, making abortion ready and accessible.

While many voted to make abortion law of the land, the Irish people have no idea how much innocent blood is about to be shed.

LifeSite News reported:

“There will be many autopsies of pro-life Ireland forthcoming in the weeks ahead. Ireland had achieved something truly remarkable: A nation in which the laws protected every right to life equally, a country which the World Health Organization listed as one of the safest for a pregnant woman.

The abortion activists abhorred Ireland’s shining example, a nation that illustrated so clearly that the idea of abortion as healthcare is an ugly lie. They showed that it is truly possible to love both women and their children, and the abortion activists could not forgive them that.

This pro-life culture was a rebuke to their bloodthirstiness, and thus the combined powers of Hell raged against the weakest members of Irish society, and, at least for now, they prevailed.

It is a sad irony that thousands who voted to repeal the 8th Amendment probably do not realize that they are only alive today because they were protected by law in the womb.”

Innocent babies, who were once protected by the law, are now being sent to the slaughter.

Not only have the Irish people betrayed their own, but they’ve proved just how deep liberals have infiltrated the once pro-life nation.

The people had the chance to protect life, but they sided with the politicians.

And of course, liberals brought out all the big guns for their move to promote abortion and advocate for killing the unborn.

As Mommy Underground previously reported, liberal Liam Neeson came out swinging, calling the 8th Amendment an “injustice” to women.

As if ripping out an innocent unborn child, is somehow justice.

And sadly, many so-called “pro-life” groups in Ireland had the chance to speak out, yet they were silent.

Instead of encouraging their members to vote to protect unborn babies, some Catholic groups refused to advise members how to vote.

LifeSite News reported:

“The Society of Saint Vincent de Paul (SSVP) in Ireland is under fire for telling its members that it would not be advising them how to vote in Friday’s referendum, saying that this was a “personal decision for each member, based on their own views.”

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As those who were in favor cheer in the streets at “winning” the latest political battle, those who remained silent during this critical time, have blood on their hands.

Courage means standing up for what is right, even when it isn’t popular.

The cheers may drown out the cries of the unborn, who thanks to their own people, no longer have a shot at life.

May God have mercy on Ireland.

Were you shocked to hear Ireland voted to repeal the 8th Amendment?

Why do you think some pro-life groups refused to take a stand for life?

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