Biden Launches Government Site Telling Minors How To Get Abortions Without Parental Consent

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Joe Biden just can’t stand it that it’s harder for women to kill their babies – so his administration is scrambling with ways to continue to promote abortion.

While some pushback is expected – Biden has taken things to a whole other level.

In fact, his latest move targeted children – and you won’t believe what he’s done now.

It’s utterly appalling at just how much Joe Biden wants women to get abortions.

He’s claimed that women’s rights are in “danger” now that Roe v. Wade is overturned – scaring women with lies and myths about the “benefits” of abortion.

And he’s using the Roe v. Wade ruling to motivate his extreme pro-abort base – making them think that everything is on the line this November and terrifying them to believe if they don’t vote for liberals, America as we know it is over.

Most recently – Biden even passed an Executive Order making abortions pills more available – and vowing to “educate” the public about abortion.

Of course – he left out that “educating” the public meant using an official government website teaching minors how to get abortions without parental consent.

The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services launched a website called which tells women abortion care is an essential part of their “well-being.”

But the propaganda website then also directs women to – and actually tells children under 15 how they can get a judicial bypass if they want to kill their babies without their parents knowing.


Townhall reported:

“For women under age 18, directs them to a seperate website to obtain a judicial bypass to get an abortion “if you need to avoid involving a parent or guardian.”

The website, Repro Legal Helpline, contains resources for minors to obtain an abortion without the involvement of a parent. It claims there are 37 states that require by law to involve a parent in the decision to get an abortion.

“If you are under age 18 and want to get an abortion, but you cannot or do not want to tell your parents, contact the Repro Legal Helpline. We can help,” the front page of the website reads.”


Pro-aborts are literally obsessed with pushing abortion onto children – and turning them against their parents.

Any minor who accesses an abortion website should be immediately instructed to contact their parents to let them know they are pregnant so they can walk through their pregnancy with them.

But instead, this sneaky website hopes children will use the judicial bypass option to kill their babies.

President Biden’s hatred of life couldn’t be clearer.

We know from his campaign trail he would push abortion – but using a government website to help minors get an abortion and hide it from their parents a sickening new low – even for him.

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