Biden Skirts The Word “Abortion,” But Makes It Clear The Slaughter Would Continue on His Watch

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We’re right in the midst of the presidential debates that will help millions of Americans understand just what’s at stake in choosing who will take up residence in the White House in 2021.

There are many issues worth considering, but among the most fundamental to who we choose to be as a people is the debate over abortion.

For Christians who vote according to their faith, there is no alternative but to choose a candidate who will preserve life – and Joe Biden has shown his true colors over and over again.

We have yet to see how the next round of presidential debates will go as President Trump continues to recover from COVID-19.  But if the first debate is any indication, Joe Biden will only further defend his belief that the murder of the unborn is a “right.”

Among the first questions raised in the first debate was over the nomination of Judge Amy Coney Barrett to the Supreme Court.

Barrett, a devout Catholic, is staunchly pro-life – something that petrifies the progressive Left.

Joe Biden also calls himself a Catholic, but his brand of Christian values lay in complete opposition to the teachings of the church.

Biden and the Left are fighting to stop anything that may jeopardize the 1973 High Court ruling in the Roe v. Wade case that essentially legalized abortion on demand.

Since that time, abortion has become more and more accessible, and the Left has worked to remove any stigma associated with a woman choosing to end the life of her child as a matter of convenience.

In his initial remarks at the first debate, Biden expressed his fear that conservatives are working to push through Barrett’s confirmation before the results of the election are in.  Their hope is that Biden will be elected and nominate a progressive leftist to the Court to keep the abortion mills running at full steam.

Roe v. Wade. That’s also at stake right now,” stated Biden when discussing the nomination, acting as if it would take women’s rights back decades if the decision were ever reversed.

Biden and his Vice-Presidential pick, Kamala Harris, have vowed to do everything in their power to legalize abortion for any reason until birth.

They consider it to be an essential part of women’s health care, as if going through with an unplanned pregnancy is tantamount to allowing a cancerous tumor to grow untreated.

Biden also opposes any type of Born Alive legislation that would allow doctors to save a baby who survived a botched abortion.  In their eyes, not only are the unborn considered unworthy of protection, but so too newborn infants.

Biden and Harris have sold their souls to Planned Parenthood — America’s largest abortion provider who takes the life of a child nearly every minute of every day — telling them they will use every weapon in their arsenal to preserve abortion to birth and keep the abortion giant in a healthy profit margin.

The funding for this evil agenda to advance access and frequency of abortions will come from the taxpayers – you and me — who will have our hard-earned money taken in order to further support the slaughter.

The important thing to note in all of these campaign promises, and debate comments and his entire political platform is that Biden will not use the word “abortion.”

He skirts around the word in favor of phrases like “women’s right to choose” or “women’s reproductive health.”

You see, Biden knows what the tenants of his faith demand – that he oppose abortion.  He therefore tries to convince himself and his followers that abortion is not a matter of killing a child, but of preserving “freedom” for women.

Further debate comments included his promise to defend the Affordable Care Act and expand coverage of abortion procedures on the taxpayers’ dime.

His voting record as Vice President under Barack Obama and as a Senator has always been anti-life.

Joe Biden has likened having an abortion to any other kind of surgery to extend the quality of a woman’s life, once saying, “And this is to our core. Our daughters and our granddaughters are entitled to every single solitary operation, every single solitary opportunity!” according to Life News.

But most medical operations are meant to preserve life, not take a life as the abortion procedure does.  His belief that abortion is a means to provide “opportunity” to women is sickening, at best.

Abortion is a “reproductive health care” issue, but not in the way it is portrayed by the progressive Left and presidential candidate Joe Biden.

Not only does it rob a child of their God-given chance at life, but it irreparably damages a woman’s mental and emotional health as she has to live the rest of her life with her choice.

It has physical consequences for the mother that can lead to infection, illness, and infertility – especially following a botched abortion.

Above all, we are not to disregard what we know to be true in terms of our faith:  Abortion is murder, plain and simple.

Joe Biden cannot have it both ways.  He is either a Christian or an abortion advocate.

There is no in-between, and the only way to get this message across is to raise our voices for the unborn and cast our ballots this year to preserve life.

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