Joe Biden Tries To Scare Women After Roe v. Wade Ruling 

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On the day the Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade – Joe Biden didn’t waste a moment before he tried to scare women into thinking the world was ending.

In his remarks to the American people – he actually had the audacity to tell women their “healthcare” was in danger.

And once you learned what other lies he spouted out you are bound to be outraged.

Joe Biden is a rabid pro-abort who has promised to expand abortion from his early days on the campaign trail.

And now as President – he has used his position of power and influence to “help” women get abortions as easily as possible.

The fact that the Supreme Court struck down Roe v. Wade has turned Biden into even more of an abortion fanatic – and he’s doing his best to stir up dissent and motivate his base.

Hoping to help elect even more pro-aborts this election cycle– Biden hopes his scare tactics will cause enough fear and outrage that people will vote for radical pro-abort politicians this November. 

NPR reported:

“The health and life of women of our nation are now at risk,” Biden said. “Make no mistake. This decision is the culmination of a deliberate effort over decades to upset the balance of our law.”

Biden emphasized that this is the first time the court has revoked a constitutional right, calling it a “sad day for the court and for the country.”

“Voters need to make their voices heard,” Biden said, calling on them to elect candidates that will restore the right to an abortion at the congressional and local level. “This fall Roe is on the ballot. Personal freedoms are on the ballot. The right to privacy, liberty, equality, they’re all on the ballot.”

Biden’s message is clear – he knows the battle for life is now at the states – and he’s hoping to rally pro-aborts to get to the polls and vote to expand abortion

Of course – Biden’s hypocrisy on the abortion issue is mind-blowing – as he used to be opposed to abortion throughout his political career. 

In fact, right after Roe v. Wade was first decided in 1973 – Biden publicly expressed his disapproval.

The National Review reported:

“Biden, fresh from unseating a Republican in Delaware, sounded much like Republicans then and now. “I don’t like the decision. I think it went too far,” he said, adding that a woman didn’t have “the sole right to say what should happen to her body” when carrying an unborn child.”

It wasn’t until he was running for President that he switched his “pro-life” stance in order to earn the votes from pro-aborts. 

Sadly, many women will believe Biden’s lies he’s pushing now– and think he actually cares about advocating for the best interests of women.

But the truth is – all Biden cares about is expanding abortion and pushing his radical pro-abort agenda.

He can’t stand it that the current makeup of the Supreme Court is conservative – which is why he nominated one of the most radical Supreme Court Justices America has ever seen.

The Roe v. Wade ruling shows Biden he’s not in control of everything – and he just can’t stand it.

Heading into election season – we can expect Biden to continue to incite terror in American women with his rhetoric.

And as peaceful pro-life pregnancy centers continue to be attacked – let’s hope the Biden administration calls out their violent abortion activists to stop terrorizing pro-lifers

Pro-lifers are in this fight for life because they deeply care about the precious lives of unborn babies – and their mothers.

No amount of threats or lies can stop the pro-life movement – so Biden can keep at it – but at the end of the day – life will triumph. 

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