Pro-Life Students Physically Assaulted By Rabid Pro-Aborts

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As the battle for life rages on across the country – unborn babies aren’t the only ones in danger.

Abortion advocates have shown that any pro-lifer who dares speak up for babies or against abortion is a target.

And once you hear the latest assaults on pro-life students across the country, you’re bound to be outraged.

The violence of abortion advocates against pro-lifers shouldn’t come as a surprise.

Leftists can’t stand the thought of not being able to murder unborn babies, so they’ve gone into a full panic meltdown – and they are lashing out at any perceived “threat.”

And in their minds, even peaceful pro-lifers who speak up for the beauty of life must be stopped – so they’ve resorted to actual violence to silence them.

Mary Carmen Zakrajsek is the Indiana Regional Coordinator for Students for Life of America and wrote about what she experienced when she attended an abortion rally called “Defend Roe Emergency Rally.”

The pro-lifers were there to simply be a presence and voice for life – but were met with anger and violence. 

Live Action reported:

“Immediately upon arriving, my group members and I were shoved, grabbed, and swarmed as we tried to ascend the steps of Indianapolis’ biggest monument where everyone was gathered,” she said, adding, “Rather than sharing the space, we were assaulted, harassed, shoved by hands and bicycle tires, screamed at, and pushed off the steps of the monument by the abortion lobby. All of this merely because we believe children have the right to live. Their behavior was despicable. It was no longer a rally — they had turned it into a riot.”

It doesn’t help when Vice President Kamala Harris speaks to college graduates about the “fundamental right” to kill unborn babies. 

Nor when President Biden uses his position of power and influence to warn pro-lifers his administration “won’t stand for” for pro-life legislation… whatever “won’t stand for” even means. 

The left has long used threats and violence to advocate their viewpoints, so sadly we should expect to face more attacks before the final ruling is released.

But even if Roe v. Wade is overturned, there is still much work to do at the state level.

Thankfully, many states continue to pass pro-life legislation, saving the lives of countless babies.

But of course, there are rabid pro-abort states equally passing legislation – some even going so far as to introduce infanticide.

Even though abortion supporters may threaten pro-lifers – they won’t be silenced.

Those who believe to their core that life begins at conception cannot be silenced or bought out.

They will continue to stand for life – on college campuses, at abortion rallies, outside of abortion centers, and anywhere else they can.

The message of death and the lie of abortion can’t win forever, so let’s hope more people will jump on the right side of history in the abortion debate and take a bold stand for life.

Unborn babies’ lives are counting on it. 

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