Yes – California’s Abortion Bill AB2223 Really Would Legalize Infanticide 

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‘Fact checkers’ will gaslight you and tell you the latest abortion bill out of California doesn’t actually legalize infanticide…

… but all it takes is someone actually reading the bill to know it does.

And once you hear the truth about California’s AB2223 bill you’re bound to be outraged.

As much as abortion advocates love killing babies – their latest slew of abortion bills has sunk to a new low – even for them.

They’ve gone from advocating killing a baby via abortion drugs in the first trimester to full-blown infanticide bills… that they actually defend.

Supporters of the bill claim it’s simply “protecting women” from criminal penalties from a miscarriage or stillborn birth – but of course that’s just a shield to hide what’s actually happening. 

California Governor Newsom has vowed to make California a “sanctuary state” for those seeking abortion – and the latest bill proves just how serious he actually is. 

AB2223 may be the worst abortion bill ever introduced – and that’s saying a lot. 

We cringed when New York legalized abortion up until delivery AND lit the sky in pink to celebrate it. 

But California has gone even further and made it legal to kill a baby… even AFTER they’ve already been born… without PENALTY to anyone assisting them in doing so. 

Live Action reported:

“The bill shields women –and anyone assisting them– from criminal prosecution for the death of a baby due to miscarriage, stillbirths, and abortions . . . but also for perinatal death.  

To be clear, “perinatal death” means the death of a born, living baby up to one month old.  

AB 2223 literally shields women (and those assisting them) for the killing of a one month old baby if the death is “due to a pregnancy-related cause.” 

What is a “pregnancy related cause”? No one knows, because it is not defined in the bill or anywhere else. The bill also changes coroner’s duties and blocks the use of coroners’ findings concerning such deaths.”

And there it is.

The massive loophole pro-aborts hoped we’d all just gloss over.

“Pregnancy-related cause.” 

What does that mean?

No one knows.

It’s vague on purpose.

At the Committee Hearing, Dr. Vansen Huang, an OBGYN practicing for more than 30 years testified that the bill’s language WOULD allow for infanticide. 

Life News reported:

“A close inspection of this bill does allow for the legalization of killing of innocent newborn children up to the age of 28 days,” Huang told the committee. 

“A yes vote is an unequivocal and complete approval of a legalized killing of a newborn baby, and with all of my heart I oppose AB2223 and urge you to vote no.”

Of course, the Committee passed it anyway. 

Absolutely tragic, but this is the plan of pro-aborts coming straight from the top. 

Not only is Biden “not standing” for pro-life bills – but he’s backing states that introduce “pro-death” bills. 

We’ll see what the final California bill looks like – but it’s not looking good for unborn (or in this case actual born) babies. 

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