Biden Claims His Pro-Abort Administration “Won’t Stand” For State’s Pro-Life Bills

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As conservative states continue to pass pro-life legislation and saving the lives of countless babies – pro-aborts are in a fury.

Desperate, they are running to Biden, begging him to do something to stop these life-saving bills.

And once you hear the latest threat Biden just leveled at pro-lifers – you’re bound to be outraged.

You see, Biden can’t stand the fact to know states are using their power and authority to circumvent his leftist policies.

Instead of supporting the rights of states to make decisions for their constituents – Biden wants the federal government to control everything.

In fact, during the presidential campaign he promised to expand abortion and make it more “accessible” – and his actions have shown that’s exactly what he’s doing.

Not wasting a moment, Biden’s administration has vowed to help “codify” Roe v. Wade which would empower women to want to kill their babies.

He exploited the pandemic by making it easier for women to get abortion pills delivered to their homes – so they can perform “self-abortions.”

And of course, when given the opportunity he selected a rabid pro-abort judge as his next pick to sit on the Supreme Court. 

To combat Biden’s radical agenda – states have done their own work – and passed life-saving pro-life bills.

Texas led the charge by banning abortions after a detectable heartbeat.

And the Florida legislature recently passed a bill that would ban abortions after 15 weeks.

And do you know how Biden responded?

He called this life-saving bill “dangerous.”

Yes, that’s right.

In Biden’s world it’s not dangerous to rip a baby from its mother’s womb…

… but passing a bill to save a baby’s life is somehow deemed “dangerous.”

He further threatened that his administration would not stand for such pro-life bills. 

Christian Headlines reported:

In Biden’s alternate reality, a woman has a “constitutional right” to kill her baby.

Of course, not missing a beat, Vice President Kamala Harris, a radical pro-abort, also spoke out against the pro-life bill.

The White House reported:

“Unconstitutional abortion bans and other bills that will dramatically reduce access to reproductive care are pending in state legislatures across the country. These efforts only strengthen our resolve: The Biden-Harris Administration will continue to do everything in our power to protect access to healthcare and defend a woman’s right to make decisions about her body and determine her future.”

Talk about leveling a threat!

Harris is essentially doubling down – reiterating her administration’s commitment to kill babies – and try and stop states who interfere.

Thankfully, there are courageous pro-life legislators (and Governors) who continue to pass pro-life bills and sign them into law.

Let’s hope even more states will follow – so Biden and his team can be stopped once and for all at the state level. 

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