Texas Abortion Restrictions Results in 70% Of The Unborn To Be Saved

Photo by anna_bencze on Flickr.com


Texas has been a beacon of hope in the media lately as they fight against one of the most heinous acts this country has participated in.

Abortion has killed millions of children and stands to be the greatest impediment to the survival of the next generation.

Despite the massive success of recent legislation in Texas protecting the unborn, pro-death advocates challenge the life-saving measures- but Texas holds strong!

The Texas Heartbeat Law, SB 8, had long been in the works and has finally been passed.

The new piece of legislation bans any abortion after the baby is 6 weeks gestational age in the state of Texas.

Naysayers of the law say that it is “unfair” because women don’t usually realize they are pregnant prior to the 6 week mark – which is why SB 8 is so effective at stopping those wanting to kill their child in the womb.

An employee at a Houston Planned Parenthood clinic reported to ABC News “that about 70% of the women who came for abortion care this week had to be turned down.”

Her estimations were close, but a Planned Parenthood news release reported even more promising results saying “85-90% of Texans who obtain abortions are at least six weeks into pregnancy.

This means even more children will be saved than clinic workers thought.

In a pathetic plea to get sympathizers for her murder mill, Dori Dixon who oversees patient access at the Houston clinic says things there have turned into a “crisis center,” where “people don’t know where to go.”

Dixon didn’t once consider the option of sending the people “who don’t know where to go” to a pregnancy help center where scared mothers who think the only way out is to kill their unborn child can get the support they need to bring life into the world.

In addition to The Heartbeat Law saving lives, the clinic’s strict policy on turning patients away who test positive for the coronavirus has also helped to deter abortions.

According to ABC News, Dixon had to turn away a woman wanting an abortion who found out she was pregnant at 5 and ½ weeks but had tested positive for coronavirus and wouldn’t be eligible after the quarantine period.

After the woman “begged” for her help in getting an abortion, Dixon told ABC News that she had “tears coming down” because she was unable to help the new mother kill her child, but reports no other assistance.

There are undoubtedly many other women who have been in similar positions.

Planned Parenthood’s deranged leader claims to be “pro-life” and for “women’s empowerment”, but as Abby Johnson, former Planned Parenthood employee, has reported, the organization of death trains you to convince women to get an abortion, not to do what is best for the woman.

Dixon claims she is really upset with “people’s constitutional rights” being “attacked”, but what about the right to deprive one’s life without due process of the law.

The unborn are being slaughtered without a voice, and without legal defense- until now!

SB 8 helps speak for the helpless unborn children who are not able to defend themselves or even let the world know they are here and need help.

In an amazing next step, Texas governor Gregg Abbott has also passed SB 4, making it illegal to use abortion-inducing drugs anytime after 7 weeks pregnant, according to The Dallas Morning News.

In addition, the bill will allow criminal charges to be brought on anyone who “intentionally, knowingly, or recklessly” breaches SB 8 and attempts to give a woman an abortion after 6 weeks pregnant.

If anyone decides to ignore the the law it is a felony with penalties of up to $10,000 and between 180 days and two years in prison.

It’s still not compensation for taking a child’s life, but a great beginning in making the public realize it is criminal to do so.

A doctor in Texas is already being sued by two different plaintiffs for performing an abortion past the new legal gestational age, reports The Wall Street Journal, being the first case to display the consequences of the new law.

Planned Parenthood is not sitting idly by while their multi-million dollar abortion industry is compromised.

The factory of death filed several lawsuits in hopes they could continue their assembly line abortions, but thankfully were denied in each one.

But so far, the legislation is standing strong and no well-dressed lawyer has been able to impede on it.

This landmark legislation is only the beginning of what this country can do when representatives are willing to stand for life.

We can only hope other states will quickly follow suit and not make it common practice to take the lives of unborn children who are silently and violently stolen away from this life.