Planned Parenthood Admits To Duping Christian Women Into Getting Abortions

Abby Johnson was once an abortion clinic director for Planned Parenthood who is credited at exposing the corrupt and shady tactics of the abortion industry.

Now a pro-life hero, Johnson shares the truth on why she quit Planned Parenthood… and helped others leave too.

And in her latest revelation, she shares the unthinkable tactic Planned Parenthood execs used to train their staff to persuade Christian women to get abortions.

To start, Planned Parenthood would never admit the truth straight up.

After all, their success results in the lies they tell not only to the scared pregnant women who walk through their doors but also to their staff.

Many staff who work at Planned Parenthood actually believe they are helping young women.

But as Mommy Underground previously reported, Planned Parenthood execs treat young women like cattle – they take their money, murder their unborn babies, and toss them to the curb.

And as it turns out, Planned Parenthood workers are actually trained how to convince women to have abortions if they are considering choosing life.

Knowing many women who come to Planned Parenthood are scared, and even identify as Christian, Johnson reveals the dark tactics used to convince women to murder their unborn babies.

LifeSite News reported:

“We were trained how to overcome various objections…to abortion, particularly religious arguments because we know that the majority of women walking into abortion clinics to have abortions identify as Christian.”

If Planned Parenthood was really “pro-life”, as the deranged CEO of Planned Parenthood claimed, wouldn’t they encourage women to choose life?

Especially those women who actually walk into Planned Parenthood not because they necessarily want to get an abortion, but because they are scared and don’t know where to go.

They even go so far as to cover up sexual abuse of minors!

In addition, the fact that leadership trains staff how to twist women’s arms to murder their own children shows the true motive of Planned Parenthood staff.

Thankfully Abby Johnson finally acknowledged the truth about the evil of the abortion industry.

And now, she’s sounding the alarm and warning others.

LifeSite News continued:

“I had essentially coerced women into making a decision for abortion that was sacrificing their children. And I knew that that was incredibly unjust. And I thought here I am working for this organization that says we’re here to fight for justice for women. But at what cost? I mean there’s no justice when we’re having to sacrifice the rights of someone else.”

Johnson nailed it.

Planned Parenthood pretends to be an organization “fighting for women’s empowerment” when their only concern is slaying the innocent life growing inside a mother’s womb.

Murdering unborn babies does nothing for “female equality.”

To think Planned Parenthood workers are trained to persuade Christian women to get abortions is unthinkable.

Truly, evil to the core.

Abby Jonson’s movie Unplanned is set to be released this week and will tell the chilling tale of Planned Parenthood they’ve tried to hide for decades.

Unplanned is definitely a must see for every lover of life!

Let’s pray this movie will reveal the true motive of Planned Parenthood for the world to see and that many women will finally see Planned Parenthood for the agent of death they really are.

Why do you think Planned Parenthood staff members are trained to persuade Christian women to get abortions?

Do you think Planned Parenthood has the best interest of women at heart?

Tell us your thoughts in the comments below.

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