Horrific – Pro-Aborts Seek To Deploy “Mobile Abortion Units” To The Texas Border 

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With pro-life laws sweeping through the nation – abortion advocates are in a frenzy.

The Texas Heartbeat Act just about put them over the edge once pro-aborts learned they could no longer slay unborn babies after a fetal heartbeat has been detected.

And now – they’re scrambling to find ways to perform even more abortions – and one group is raising funds to bring “mobile abortion clinics” to the Texas border, and just wait until you hear the details.

“Just the Pill” wants to make it easy for women to kill their babies and receive “gender-affirming” care.

Their website boasts how they know they are just “too good to be true” and goes on to list all the ways they think they’re so great.

They even have an exclusive abortion section listing all the ways women can kill their babies regardless of how far along they are in their pregnancy.

The “Just the Pill” website encourages women to simply “order their abortions online”, promising home delivery of abortion pills.

Truly, they act as though getting an abortion is something as ordinary as ordering Friday takeout.

It’s sick.

And if a woman is too far along to receive abortion pills to kill her baby at home…

… “Just the Pill” promises to refer them to “wonderful abortion providers”, even offering “financial support” and “scholarships” to fund the murder of innocent life.


But they’ve taken things even further – and now they’ve sent out a desperate fundraising email trying to raise funds to bring mobile abortion clinics to the Texas border.


Because they hope all the women who legally cannot get an abortion in Texas will simply cross the border to kill their baby.

LifeSite News reported:

“Just the Pill, founded in 2020 with the goal of proliferating abortion, will use the crowdfunded money to deploy “mobile units” at the Texas border to distribute abortion “pills” to women who are ten weeks or earlier into pregnancy. 

The organization claims that the mobile units are necessary because “Anti-abortion extremists in Texas have created a human rights disaster,” with the passing of the life-saving Heartbeat Act.”

Absolutely disgusting.

Sadly, abortion advocates all over the country are doing their part to help keep abortions active and frequent.

The Governor of New York claimed New York was a “safe haven” for all women seeking abortions – and actually invited women to come to her state to kill their babies!

Truly, our nation has sunk to a new low when citizens rally together to help a woman end the precious life growing inside her womb.

It’s completely unnatural, and heartbreaking.

The good news is, we still have pro-life legislators who are doing their part to stop abortion.

Let’s hope more of them continue to pass laws to restrict – and one day end the slay of the unborn for good.

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