New York Governor Encourages Women To Come to Her State And Abort Their Babies 

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The life-saving Texas Heartbeat Act is causing a stir around the country, and pro-aborts are in a panic.

Knowing a woman in Texas can no longer abort her baby once a fetal heartbeat is detected, abortion advocates are now scrambling to come up with new ways women can still slay their babies.

In fact, New York Governor Kathy Hochul is so determined to keep the abortion rate high – she’s even inviting women to visit her state just to kill their own babies.

Yes, we’ve truly reached a new level of wickedness.

Most Governors invite people to their state to check out its natural wonders…

… or to shop, eat, and play.

But not Governor Hochul.

Oh sure, she wants people to visit New York… but only to get abortions.

Let this sink in – we are at a point in our nation where the Governor of a state is actually TELLING women to come visit her state JUST SO they can get an abortion and kill their babies.

Absolute insanity.

Of course, New York has a long record of promoting insane pro-abort policies – even lighting up the One World Trade Center once their latest pro-abort law passed, allowing women to kill their babies up until birth.

Sure, former New York Governor Andrew Cuomo was bad, awful at that.

But it looks like Governor Huchol is following in his footsteps and is proving to be just as tragic.

During her ridiculous statement in defense of abortion, she actually tried to use the Statue of Liberty as an example of why people should flock to New York to abort their babies.

Hochul said the State of Liberty stands up for the oppressed… trying to equate women who are no longer able to murder their babies as “oppressed.”

Even though babies are safe in Texas, Hochul wants New York to be a “safe harbor” for women to come kill their babies.

Live Action reported:

“Hochul went on to complain that other lawmakers are passing pro-life laws, and said that New York women would be “warriors” in this “battle” to help women across the country get abortions…

“That [statue] is a strong, powerful woman with her hand up saying if you’ve been oppressed anywhere in this world, you come to our harbor,” she said. “This is the safe harbor for people suffering from oppression.

My friends, that oppression, in my judgment, is going on right now in the state of Texas, and our harbor is open for people to come here and understand that we will be there to take care of them and protect them.”

Protect them?

What about protecting unborn babies from the cruel hands of abortionists?

Her “logic” is so twisted, and wrong.

Of course, nothing the pro-abort crowd ever does makes sense.

Like the violent threats they aim at pro-lifers all around the country, even sending bomb threats to the offices of pro-life groups.

But the saddest part of all, is many women will hear the words of Governor Hochul and accept her invitation to end the life of their unborn babies and flock to New York.

Truly shameful.

But one thing is crystal clear – the blood of these unborn babies is truly on her hands.

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