A New Kind Of Sanctuary City Is Coming – For The Unborn

Pro-lifers across the country were disgusted when New York Governor Andrew Cuomo signed the Reproductive Health Act into law earlier this year.

It signed the death warrant for the state’s unborn children up until birth, and opened the door to allowing babies to die even after.

But many New Yorkers have decided they are not going to sit idly by and allow this to happen.

We’ve all heard of “sanctuary cities” for illegal immigrants.  Despite federal law, many state leaders have made their cities and towns a place free of consequences for illegal immigrants wishing to hide out and collect the benefits given to citizens.

These sanctuary cities are prominent in New York, often protecting illegals who have committed heinous crimes, giving them far more rights than are now given to the state’s unborn children.

This doesn’t sit right with New York’s pro-life community, and one town is working to turn the tables.

Pro-life Christians in the western New York city of Batavia thought that if local legislators could create sanctuary cities for illegal immigrants, then why couldn’t they do the same to protect the unborn?

They want to fight Cuomo’s evil state law by demanding their city take a stand and be an example to the rest of the nation.

They want to make it illegal to have an abortion within the city limits.

The brave members of this community have held rallies, spread the word on social media and news outlets, and brought the matter up at city council meetings.

They held “days of mourning,” dressing in black for all the babies who have died at the hands of abortionists.

They stood outside Planned Parenthood clinics in the area, praying with women and offering support.

They even welcomed women who were considering having an abortion to come to their community for help and support during their pregnancy and beyond.

But, of course, most legislators think first about their jobs and about upsetting the status-quo more than they do about protecting their citizens.

In the end, the Batavia City Council refused to take a stand for life, despite pleas from their citizens.

Like everywhere else in the nation, they have decided that caving to the threats and scare tactics of the left is “easier” than doing the right thing.

Dan Crane of The Citizen Media, who was working for the idea of a sanctuary city in Batavia says that pro-lifers will not give up.

Pro-lifers nationwide will not allow the unborn – including full-term babies and those only moments old – to continue to be slaughtered at the whim of profiteers and ineffective leadership.

“Our Declaration of Independence states three rights which human beings possess: life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. And as watchmen of the once Republic, we will always defend those words, which includes those who cannot defend themselves,” writes Crane.

The residents of Batavia, New York may not have changed the hearts and minds of weak-kneed politicians in the area this time, but their idea is sparking national conversation.

This is not the last we’ll hear of pro-lifers working to create sanctuary cities for the unborn.

And until our laws are changed to protect unborn children on a federal level, we lift up in prayer local communities who refuse to accept this as the future of our nation.

What do you think of the idea of sanctuary cities for the unborn?  Do you think pro-life legislators across the country will help make this a reality in their communities?

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