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Landmark Rulings Finally Put Us On The Right Side Of History 

  The liberal brigade has been tirelessly stampeding all over conservative values and tarnishing constitutional integrity for decades. Two rights have been attacked more than any other – the sanctity of life and the right to bear arms.  Conservatives have not been taking it laying down and recent Supreme Court […]

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Radical Pro-Aborts Continue To Terrorize Pro-Lifers With Violence And Threats 

  Crisis-pregnancy centers all around the country continue to be destroyed at the hands of radical pro-abortion groups – and it’s worse than ever. The latest causality is a pro-life center in Buffalo, New York which was firebombed and spray painted with the message “Jane was here.” “Jane” refers to […]

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New York City Spends Over $200k In Taxpayer Dollars To Bring “Drag Queens” Into Schools

  Imagine finding out politicians were scheming to bring “drag queens” into your child’s school… … and then learning your tax dollars were paying for it. This is exactly what happened in New York City – and just wait until you hear the outrageous details. The left’s obsession with pushing […]

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New York Governor Encourages Women To Come to Her State And Abort Their Babies 

  The life-saving Texas Heartbeat Act is causing a stir around the country, and pro-aborts are in a panic. Knowing a woman in Texas can no longer abort her baby once a fetal heartbeat is detected, abortion advocates are now scrambling to come up with new ways women can still […]

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New York Gives Liberal Celebrities A Free Pass From Strict Mandates

  It has been painfully obvious that New York is a biased state, raising up liberal propaganda while attempting to crush any morsel of conservatism. The Empire State is at the forefront of eliminating individual freedoms during the pandemic, but like with most liberal policies, they only want to enforce […]

Top Cop Warns Families To Not Support NYPD In Public For Their Safety

Top Cop Warns Families To Not Support NYPD In Public For Their Safety

There was once a time when the public saw those in law enforcement as honorable and an ally to the community.  Over the past few years the media has twisted facts and misinformed viewers so that our boys in blue have been demonized as overly aggressive and not having the […]