Landmark Rulings Finally Put Us On The Right Side Of History 

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The liberal brigade has been tirelessly stampeding all over conservative values and tarnishing constitutional integrity for decades.

Two rights have been attacked more than any other – the sanctity of life and the right to bear arms. 

Conservatives have not been taking it laying down and recent Supreme Court ruling have shown just that.

As Mommy Underground previously reported with enthusiasm, Roe v. Wade has at last been overturned!

In a 6-3 Supreme Court decision, abortion is now outlawed at the federal level, leaving states the right to ban it altogether. 

That dreadful day in 1973 when a ruling would go on to kill more than 63 million unborn children – the worst holocaust in history – is finally being reversed.

Sadly, the left has reacted to the decision with backlash and cruelty.

In an ironic statement, Biden told NPR concerning the ruling:

The health and life of women of our nation are now at risk. Make no mistake. This decision is the culmination of a deliberate effort over decades to upset the balance of our law.”

Where did killing our future men and women become protecting women’s health?

There is nothing healthier than avoiding death!

In another landmark 6-3 conservative-led decision by the Supreme Court, a 108-year-old law in New York was reversed that had limited who is able to carry a concealed weapon. 

The law made it so New York was able to pick and choose who could carry their gun out of the home based upon the citizen’s defense of why they needed to protect themselves. 

These historical decisions made by the Supreme Court is all thanks to former President Trump.

He said on his Truth Social platform how he “promised to appoint judges and justices that would stand up for the constitution” — and did.

Trump appointed Justice Neil Gorsuch, Justice Brett Kavanaugh, and Justice Amy Coney Barrett, all of whom were paramount in overturning Roe v. Wade and the New York concealed carry law. 

Other recent victorious rulings by the Supreme Court have less to do with life and death and more to do with constitutional liberties such as the Supreme Court ruling of the Washington State football coach.

Coach Johnson had prayed at the 50-yardline at every football game until a progressive opponent made a formal complaint to the administration of the school.

The events led to a Supreme Court case that eventually ruled in the coach’s favor. 

Then there was the vital ruling that deemed it unconstitutional to exclude religious schools from public funding.

Carson v. Makin is a case in Maine that gave federal funding to kids in rural areas who were not assigned a school to attend one of their choice.

The problem is the program would not permit a student to choose a religious school. 

Thanks to the Supreme Court finding the ruling unconstitutional, students may now pick the school of their choice, giving religious schools the same funding as any other public education institution, USA Today reports.

Vermont has a similar program, the Town Tuition Program, where state funding for rural children choosing a school is limited to non-religious education institutions, as Mommy Underground has previously reported. 

Hopefully, we will see the Supreme Court address this program in the near future.

It is insane that we need legal protection against such unconstitutional views, but we do!

All of these victories just goes to show that the left isn’t the majority – just the loudest.

We are standing in the midst of a joyous historical era that will no doubt give much needed inspiration to a nation that’s had to bear so many moral failures. 

These recent rulings have shown us that the fight is worth the battle scars and that we aren’t done yet pushing to make our nation the beacon of hope and freedom it once was.