Supreme Court Justice Amy Coney Barrett Can Stop The Downward Leftist Spiral

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Although liberal Senators tried to stop her confirmation – Amy Coney Barrett made it through and is now a United States Supreme Court Justice.

This victory goes deeper than her being an intelligent and competent woman – she is all of that AND a woman of faith who cares deeply about her country and family.

Having a conservative Supreme Court majority could be just what this nation needs to stop its downward spiral – especially with the left’s continuing attack on Christians.

After all, it was the Supreme Court who legalized same-sex marriage – and voted to keep Obamacare claiming it was “constitutional.”

But with the now conservative leaning court – conservatives have a newfound hope.

Even though it’s just a matter of time before the Supreme Court hears yet another case regarding some warped pro-LGBT pet project – at least there is now a conservative majority standing in the way and holding the line.

Of course, liberals are terrified at the thought of conservatives controlling the court, and many politicians have already hinted they will do whatever they can to “pack the court” – meaning up the number of justices so they regain control.


Of course.

But they’ll stop at nothing to keep power.

Regardless of what liberals try and do, Amy’s victory sends a message to women all across the country that it is possible to have a family and a career.

Her confirmation crushes the lie that women have to murder their unborn babies to be successful.

In addition, what a breath of fresh air our young girls can finally look up to an actual pro-life justice – instead of falsely accepting the lie that only pro-abort women are elevated to positions of leadership.

Many leftists elevate Ruth Bader Ginsburg to an almost cult-like status…

…even though she was unapologetically pro-choice – and even claimed pregnant woman weren’t “mothers” – completely rejecting the fact that a human baby inside of a mother’s womb was actually a life.

This cavalier approach to women and motherhood does not represent all women – even though the left will try and tell you it does.

But now, we have a woman of genuine faith sitting on the highest court of the land.

Unlike many who think one must sell out in order to advance or “climb the corporate ladder” -Amy Coney Barrett never compromised on her values or principles and still soared through the ranks.

Her love for her family and her country is evident, and conservatives can rest in knowing she will actually follow the constitution instead of inventing her own laws.

One can only hope as the controversial cases trickle in before the Supreme Court, and they will, the now conservative majority will vote the right way and stop the imploding train wreck of our nation.

A huge congratulations to Amy Coney Barrett on her confirmation!

May she use her power for good, and restore America to its founding roots.

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