Violent Pro-Aborts Level Death Threats At Pro-Life Groups

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With the battle for life raging all around the country, these days being pro-life and advocating for unborn babies could get you killed.

And now that the Texas Heartbeat Act is law – some pro-aborts are so angry they’re leveling threats – death threats at that.

Texas Right to Life expected to face hostility from those who advocate for abortion – but nothing prepared them for the bomb threat they received.

After receiving both a suspicious package and a bomb threat – they were forced to evacuate their office.

Thankfully, they called the police and it was determined there was not a bomb in the package.

Regardless, the threat was still real, and scary.

And when Texas Right to Life launched a pro-life whistleblower site where Texans could report abortions still taking place after the new law – the website faced a cyber-attack.

But regardless of the visceral hate spewed by the anti-life crowd, Texas Right to Life is staying involved in the fight for life.

LifeSite News reported:

“A lot of people are still FURIOUS about the Texas Heartbeat Act. They’re trying to silence us. They despise us for even talking about a life-saving law,” Texas Right to Life said.

“They believe the lie that unlimited abortion is their right, and they fear losing that alleged right in a post-Roe world. The abortion crowd is embittered due to decades of deception. We are heartbroken for them, too; we do actually feel their pain about being duped.”

“But the difference is that we at Texas Right to Life pray for their healing and for their eyes to be opened,” the group declared. “Their ire and vitriol won’t stop us from protecting pregnant women from the same lies. Their clamors won’t silence us from protecting babies.”


This is what it means to really care about women – actually wanting them to heal and avoid making choices (like getting an abortion) that will only traumatize them in the future – not to mention end an innocent life.

Sadly, pro-lifers continue to be attacked around the country for innocent acts like praying outside abortion clinics or attending pro-life rallies.

Even a life-saving ultrasound van was vandalized by pro-aborts – proving they’ll resort to anything to stop babies from being born.

How is damaging an ultrasound van that helps underprivileged women “pro woman”?

But there is no logic when it comes to the pro-abort crowd enacting their agenda.

They want abortion on demand at all times – even encouraging women to make the dangerous (and potentially deadly) choice to abort their own babies at home!

The abortion culture is truly dark and sinister.

But as pro-lifers, we must continue to speak out for life and help women see there are other choices outside of abortion.

As for Texas Right to Life, we wish them well as they continue the good fight in Texas and pray for their continued safety.

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