Outrageous: Abortion Activists Vandalize Life Saving Ultrasound Van 

Yet again, violent pro-abortion activists decided to take out their rage against pro-life activists, and this time they set their sights on a life-saving ultrasound van.

This particular van was a care clinic offering pregnancy tests and ultrasounds right outside of Planned Parenthood – knowing if a woman could only see her baby, she would be less likely to get an abortion.

But pro-aborts couldn’t stand the thought of a woman choosing life over abortion, and what they did to the van will shock you.

To start – pro-life activists have a history of peace and civility.

They stand outside pro-abortion clinics not to cause hate, but to offer a true helping hand to women before they make the biggest mistake of their life.

Pro-life activists are often attacked and mocked, yet they are resilient because they know the importance of human life.

But abortion activists do not have the same courtesy.

The van parked outside of Planned Parenthood belonged to Human Coalition, a pro-life organization. 

“Coincidently” a pro-abort organization hosted a webinar bashing Human Coalition, and the very next night the Human Coalition van was vandalized.

Life Site News reported:

“Erin Matson, the founder of Reproaction notably argued that women don’t deserve better than abortion…

In the webinar, Human Coalition was attacked as having “fake clinics” and was described as a “public health disaster”, with “stigma-peddling” and “anti-abortion trickery.”

The next morning, the mobile care clinic was found with “PRC lies to women” written on it in graffiti”

Showing women an ultrasound of their baby is a “public health disaster”?

This shows just how far from the truth pro-aborts actually are.

They consider murdering babies “healthcare” and saving babies “anti-abortion trickery.”

When the truth is, not allowing a woman to see her own baby or lying to her that abortion is the only way is the ultimate deception.

But deceptive techniques are how Planned Parenthood operates.

As it turns out, when Planned Parenthood opened their latest clinic in Charlotte, they did so in secret filing under the name “Secure Source LLC”, Life Site News reported. 

But that is how clinics like Planned Parenthood work – they operate in secrecy.

Not only do they attempt to sneak into neighborhoods, but they lie to women and convince them abortion is the only way.

They prey on minorities hoping to convince them abortion is a good idea. 

And as Mommy Underground previously reported, they even sided with a sexual predator, allowing a 12-year old girl to have multiple abortions.

A simple van offering life-saving ultrasounds should not have been the target of pro-abort rage.

However, abortion activists know women often choose life once they see an ultrasound of their baby.

But this latest act of violence shows Planned Parenthood will target anyone and everyone who stands for life.

What are your thoughts about pro-aborts vandalizing the life-saving ultrasound van?

Why do you think abortion activists are so angry?

Tell us your thoughts in the comments below.

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