Planned Parenthood Backs Sexual Predator Over 12-Year Old Child

Planned Parenthood is known for their blatant disregard for life and their sick determination to provide as many abortions as possible, no questions asked.

Hiding behind the false premise of providing “healthcare” for women across the country, Planned Parenthood continues to slaughter millions of unborn babies.

In addition, they provide cover for sexual predators, who often force their victims to get abortions against their will in order to cover the trail of sexual abuse.  Even more shocking, it seems no age is too young for Planned Parenthood.

When a 12-year old girl and her stepfather came into Planned Parenthood seeking an abortion, one would think Planned Parenthood would have been suspicious.

After all, a 12-year old girl is pregnant and asking for an abortion.

That alone should raise a major red flag.

However, according to Planned Parenthood, a 12-year old girl should have the ability to decide if she wants an abortion—despite the fact that many 12-year old girls who come seeking abortions have been raped or sexually assaulted by an older male.

But Planned Parenthood turned a blind eye and referred her to a hospital for an abortion.

They accepted the 12-year olds story, who claimed she became pregnant by her boyfriend through consensual sex.

But then the truth came out regarding the real reason behind the girl’s pregnancy.

LifeSite News reports:

“Two years later — and after another abortion in another province — the child told “authorities in another province that she had been repeatedly sexually assaulted by her stepfather over a period of 26 months.”

The stepfather “pled guilty to this and to other offences on other individuals, including sexual assault. He was sentenced to 16 years in prison.”

All this is documented in a damning report released Wednesday by Jacqueline Lake Kavanagh, child and youth advocate for Newfoundland and Labrador.

Lake Kavanagh blasts the “system” for repeatedly failing to protect the child from her stepfather’s sexual predation.

The “inadequate screening and assessments” the girl received “potentially enabled the sexual abuse of the child to continue,” she wrote.

“Had appropriate measures been taken when this child presented to terminate her pregnancy, or when child protection concerns were reported, the abuse may potentially have been detected and stopped.”

Moreover, the girl’s age should have been an instant red flag, Lake Kavanagh pointed out.

“[A] child who presents at a community agency or Regional Health Authority to terminate a pregnancy should not be treated as an adult.”

Planned Parenthood staff didn’t question the stepfather’s claim he was the girl’s biological father, she wrote. The mother “resided out of province and was not involved.”

Planned Parenthood had the chance to protect this young girl, but they were more concerned with promoting abortions.

Instead of standing up for this young woman, Planned Parenthood sided with a sexual predator.

And because of their negligence, this young child had to endure sexual assault for an additional 24 months.

Planned Parenthood could have stopped the abuse, and locked up the sexual predator.

They didn’t even verify her stepfather’s claims to be her biological father. Simply because they didn’t care.

LifeSite News continues:

“About a month later, the province’s Department of Children, Seniors and Social Development (CSSD) got involved because of “multiple protection referrals” on the family, including allegations the stepfather was physically abusing the 12-year-old and one of her siblings, according to Lake Kavanagh’s report.

After a few CSSD interviews, the stepfather and grandmother became uncooperative and claimed harassment. The family moved out of Newfoundland about four months later.

“There were many opportunities to intervene with this little girl and her siblings, but they were missed,” noted Lake Kavanagh. “Based on the experiences and lessons from this case, a collective effort is required to do better for and by these children.”

The Planned Parenthood doctor “should have at least questioned the age of the teenaged boyfriend and ensured the stepfather’s guardianship status was verified,” she wrote.

“In an interview, the physician said she could not recall anything unusual about the child or her stepfather, and that it was common to encounter sexually active children in her work, though uncommon to encounter pregnant children.”

This little 12-year old girl was forced to endure sexual abuse, for 26 months, until it was finally stopped.

All because Planned Parenthood is more determined to promote abortion than protect the very women they claim to support.

Do you think a 12-year old child should be able to give her consent in getting an abortion? Should Planned Parenthood be forced to call the authorities for a minor seeking an abortion?

If it were up to you, would you defund Planned Parenthood for good?

Tell us your thoughts in the comments below.