Elderly Pro-Life Woman Beaten and Hospitalized by Angry Pro-Aborts

A sweet little old lady has been a pro-life sidewalk counselor for over 23 years, offering scared post-abortive women resources and prayer.

And one day this lady saw a young 20 something year old woman walking out of the abortion clinic, so she handed her a card offering her hope.

But what the young woman did to this lady is absolutely horrifying and will leave you speechless.

To start, Donna Durning, the elderly woman, is truly a peaceful pro-life activist.

She’s dedicated the past 23-years of her life praying almost every day on the sidewalk outside the abortion clinic in her hometown.

And one day, as she witnessed a young 20 something year old exit the abortion clinic, she wanted to offer her resources and help.

But as it turns out, the young girl didn’t want help.

She could have simply ignored the woman and went to her car, but instead when she was offered a lifeline resource, she responded by violently pushing the elderly lady to the ground, splattering her blood on the sidewalk and causing her to be hospitalized.

Little old Donna suffered a head wound and fractured femur.

Even worse, Donna Durning had to undergo hip surgery and go through rehab to recover, simply for praying for women on the sidewalk.

Durning recalls the frightening encounter.

LifeSite News reported:

“She turned and looked at me,” Durning recounted, “and I gave her a sweet little card… I said ‘Honey, this is for you; if you want to talk to somebody there’s a phone number there.’ She grabbed me by both shoulders and literally threw me to the ground.”

Durning sustained a head wound and a fractured femur. Fortunately, her skull did not break, and she didn’t suffer any brain injuries.”

Imagine the shock and pain this woman was forced to endure.

This sweet lady was showing true and genuine love to every woman she met and was hospitalized as a result.

For over 23-years she dedicated nearly every day of her life praying for strangers she did not know.

The violence and anger of pro-aborts towards anyone who disagrees with them is both sad and enraging at the same time.

Pro-aborts tend to paint pro-life activists as crazy bigots who try and “force” the pro-life agenda onto women who simply just “want a choice”, but this latest act of violence shows the utter visceral darkness behind the abortion movement.

Abortion is a violent act – it rips a baby from the womb leaving the mother both physically and emotionally scarred.

Even though abortion clinics are surrounded by darkness, this sweet old lady still wanted to do her part to bring the light of Jesus to these women.

Sadly, so many women have been led astray believing the lies the abortion clinics promise them.

A friend of Donna’s remarked that women still continued to get abortions that day, walking right over Donna’s blood on the sidewalk.

Her friend posted a picture of Donna’s blood on the sidewalk and wrote “Seventeen mothers walked over it today to go in to have their abortions. Poor dears.”

Indeed, this is sad all the way around.

The injured woman is said to be in good spirits, but one can imagine how traumatizing it was for her to experience.

What are your thoughts on an innocent woman getting beat up by pro-aborts?

Do you think the 20-year old who assaulted this sweet lady should be prosecuted?

Tell us your thoughts in the comments below.

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