Former Abortionist Admits To Manipulating And Targeting Scared Pregnant Teens

The abortion industry is an evil empire, which preys on young impressionable women and teenage girls.

But the confessions of a former abortion clinic worker will shock you, at just how far they’ll go to push abortions onto teens.

And even worse, their premeditated acts show the vile character of the pro-abort world and illuminates the grave danger currently facing teen girls.

The most terrifying part of the story is, teenage girls are trusting abortion clinics, not understanding the behind the scenes underhand tactics being used against them.

Many teens who walk through the doors of abortion clinics are scared and vulnerable.

And abortion clinic workers often play to this fear and are trained to reinforce it.

The Plan To Trap Young Girls

The truth is, abortion clinics are in business to make money.

That’s it.

They don’t care about young girls or their unborn babies.

And it’s abundantly clear, those working in the abortion business have no value for human life.

The goal is to get women through the doors and keep them coming back.

But the confessions of one former abortion worker are so appalling, they will shock you.

Carol Everett spoke with LifeSite News on the sick plan to make teen girls repeat customers, by giving them defective birth control pills.

LifeSite News reported:

“And when the girls came in for their abortion we gave them a pack of birth control pills. We told them to start taking them on Saturdays, that way they would never have a pill on the weekend. And we passed out low-dose birth control pills[that] we knew must be taken effectively at the same time every day in order to provide a level of effectiveness.

We knew most girls would not take them accurately, and we knew that she would become pregnant again. And actually, those are the ones we went to the schools and passed out–the low-dose birth control pills we knew the girls would get pregnant on.

Our goal was to get three to five abortions between the ages of 13 and 18 from every young woman.”

And it’s a well-known fact, low dose birth control pills are typically reserved for breastfeeding moms because nursing already suppresses fertility and they are not effective enough on their own

The Sick Truth Finally Revealed

Carol’s confession is horrific.

To think, skilled adults are deliberately passing out “low-dose” birth control pills, knowing teen girls won’t follow the instructions, just so they can become pregnant and murder their babies is upsetting beyond words.

Truly, this is evil on full display.

Young teens are vulnerable.

They need adults to walk alongside them and provide sound advice.

Instead, abortion clinics set them up for failure from the beginning.

Children Are The Next Target

Carol went on to admit to LifeSite News that Planned Parenthood is targeting children as young as seven by giving them free condoms.

And as Mommy Underground previously reported, Planned Parenthood has even developed paraphernalia on how to talk to a three-year-old about being “transgender.”

The attack on your young teens and children has got to stop!

It’s clear — the abortion industry is evil to the core, and they are far from “pro-women.”

If anything, they are anti-women and are working overtime to oppresses and trap women into a lifetime of pain and suffering.

What are your thoughts on abortion clinics using premeditated tactics to target girls and slaughter their unborn babies?

Why do you think so many abortion clinics are targeting teenage girls?

Tell us your thoughts in the comments below.

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