Attacks Increase Against Pro-Lifers During Current Racial Unrest

“_MG_0596.jpg” by American Life League is licensed under CC BY-NC 2.0

At a time when there is so much unrest over inequality that has spurred protests, rallies, and violence, everyone on the Left seems to be missing the point.

Millions of unborn lives, without a voice to defend themselves, have been snuffed out in legalized abortions.

And the message of those who bring up the obvious – that every life is truly deserving of a chance to meet their potential – are being silenced by the hypocrisy.

All across the country, we’re still seeing protests by supporters of the Black Lives Matter movement…

Signs, murals, and installations meant to promote racial equality – a movement that was renewed in full-force by the murder of George Floyd and other deaths.

Elected officials have even approved of streets being permanently painted with “Black Lives Matter” in an effort to keep the movement in the public eye.

But there is a dark underside to this “equality” movement, one that has pro-lifers living in fear of attack.

You see, conservative Americans – especially those at the forefront of the fight to protect the unborn from the horrors of abortion – are being assaulted and harassed for daring to bring up the fact that the unborn are being ignored in the fight over basic human rights.

Outside a Planned Parenthood clinic in New York, for example, a group of pro-life students painted the message “Preborn Black Lives Matter” on Independence Day.

It seems shocking that this would be offensive to those who want equality for all, but it appears that’s the case.

The word “preborn” was altered and obscured so it can no longer be recognized.

The Left only has compassion for whatever current social justice issue is popular, and the right to life for the innocent unborn is never one of their concerns.

New York has one of the most liberal viewpoints on the slaughter of the unborn.  Abortion is nearly unrestricted, with very few protections for these most innocent among us.

Ben Chernjavsky, of the national pro-life organization Students for Life, perhaps said it best.  “At a time in our country when the issue of inequality is at the forefront of everyone’s minds, we must stand up for the most vulnerable and oppressed people in our society,” as reported by LifeSite News.

As statues and monuments are ripped down and “offensive” names removed from schools and roads, abortion clinics still stand – ever-protected by a government that cowers from the Left’s fury.

Even more tragic is the worst consequence of the Black Lives Matter movement – the murder of those who speak in defense of ALL lives.

In Indiana over the Independence Day weekend, a young mother named Jessica Doty-Whitaker was walking along a canal path with her fiancé and another couple.

They stumbled upon another group on the path who were talking about the Black Lives Matter movement.  One of Doty-Whitaker’s group said something in regard to their use of profane language, which the strangers took offense to.  The strangers responded with “Black Lives Matter.”

Doty-Whitaker spoke the first thought that came to her, her own personal message of human rights — “All Lives Matter.”

She was the only white member of her group, and the strangers became incensed, pulling a gun.

The argument was diffused as both parties talked it out and moved on – and Doty-Whitaker left it at that.

They continued their walk thinking the situation was resolved, until they encountered the same group of strangers waiting for them under a bridge along the path.

Jessica Doty-Whitaker, only 24-years-old with a three-year-old son, was shot.  She died shortly thereafter at an Indiana hospital.

Doty-Whitaker was a home healthcare nurse, continuing her education to become an RN.

She was killed for daring to say that every life has purpose and meaning.

Her devastated family has been attacked on social media for being “racist” because they believe in everyone’s right to life.  Her family says there was not a judgmental or racist fiber of Jessica’s being.

They are outraged that city council members continue to approve streets being painted with “Black Lives Matter” when Jessica’s killer remains free.

True racial equality – true human rights for all – can never be accomplished by divisiveness… by any group thinking they are more important than another.

And it will never be accomplished by murdering those who stand for the right for all to have a chance at a life and a future – both the innocent unborn and those who defend them.

These shocking acts are not the answer to peace and unity, and until we all come together to effect change, there will be no answer to our nation’s divisions.