Shocking – Pro Aborts Now Claim Illegal Abortions Are “Safe” And Tells Women How To Do Them

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With Texas leading the charge on prohibiting abortion at a detectable fetal heartbeat – pro-aborts are determined to keep killing babies no matter what it takes.

In fact, they’ve even resorted to teaching women how to kill their own babies at home… and telling them it’s “safe” to do so!

And once you hear what they’re telling women to do – you’re bound to be outraged.

Abortion is a horrific and violent act – not only against a baby – but against a woman.

Ripping an unborn baby from a mother’s womb is unnatural and not only causes emotional trauma – but can lead to massive physical complications.

Some women have died from an abortion gone wrong – and literally bled to death.

Others have had their uterus destroyed, and can no longer have children.

While it’s clear abortion is dangerous even in an abortion center…

… imagine how much more dangerous it is for a woman to “do it herself” at home!

But instead of telling women it simply isn’t worth the risk – pro-aborts are giving them tips on how to do it.

Live Action reported:

“Renee Bracey Sherman, former NARAL board member and founder of the abortion site We Testify, called it “misinformation” to claim that all illegal abortions are “unsafe.” She told Twitter followers, “Illegal doesn’t have to mean unsafe. With medication abortion, it’s quite safe to self-manage an abortion…”

Then, in order to muddy what little data there is on abortion pill complications and deaths, in the exact same thread Sherman advised abortion patients to lie to hospital staff and claim they are experiencing a natural miscarriage rather than a chemical abortion when presenting to the emergency room.

“Remember, if someone decides to go to the ER because they’re concerned about how their self-managed abortion is progressing, they can just say they’re having a miscarriage. There’s no way to test for the medications in your system and the treatment for miscarriage is an abortion,” she tweeted.”

This is unconscionable.

Encouraging women to try and abort their babies at home, without medical supervision…

… and then if they happen to get hurt, teaching them to “lie” to hospital staff about what is happening could actually kill them.

For doctors to intervene and save a life they need to know the truth, but if they are receiving a false narrative from a woman – she could literally lose her life.

Some pro-aborts are even encouraging women to purchase abortion pills online from foreign websites…

… websites that AGAIN tell women to lie about where they got them from!

To really care for women – means to truly have their best interest at heart.

Teaching women to buy abortion pills from a foreign website and murder their babies at home is not “pro-women”.

Sadly, the pro-abort crowd is more concerned with killing unborn babies than protecting women.

And besides the blood of innocent babies – they’ll now have the blood of women on their hands.

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