Ruthless Abortionist Botches Abortion And Sends Mother Out Into The Streets To Die

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Abortion clinics are well known to be a dangerous place for mothers – but often times they can be deadly.

From botched abortions which scar a mother both physically and emotionally for life to frantic 911 calls rushing the latest abortion victim to the hospital –  it’s a wonder so many women still trust abortionists with their lives.

But in one case, an abortion went wrong and the center did nothing – they sent the woman home to die.

In Alabama, pro-lifers looked on in horror as they saw a woman being “helped” out of an abortion center and escorted into her private vehicle.

It was clear something went terribly wrong.

But after all, abortion is a traumatic experience to the body and soul, and often leaves physical reminders of the horror that took place.

As it turns out, the women ended up dying in a hospital later that day – but the abortion clinic let her leave after botching her abortion, not even calling 911.

The woman found her own transportation to the hospital.

Sadly, the Alabama Department of Health (ADPH) claims it won’t investigate the abortion since it is “outside of their jurisdiction.”

Even more suspicious, the abortionist who gave the abortion which ended up killing the woman retired – so regardless of what the medical board finds as the cause of this women’s death – the abortion clinic won’t be charged.

To make matters even worse, this isn’t the first time a death occurred at this abortion clinic.

Apparently, this particular abortion center has a list of violations miles long…

But authorities don’t seem to care.

ADPH is actually giving a free pass to this clinic – refusing to enforce or correct the multiple violations taking place – even as women die.

LifeSite News reported:

“Fr. Terry Gensemer, director of CEC For Life, comments, “ADPH’s refusal to investigate this clinic is unconscionable. To our knowledge, this clinic has not been inspected in over a year; it has also recently changed ownership, hired a doctor with a questionable reputation, and a patient seen leaving their clinic died shortly after. According to its own regulations, and just plain decency and respect for a woman’s death, an inspection is the very least ADPH could do.”

Ellie Hermann, a registered nurse who often stands outside of WAWC to offer women life-affirming alternatives, reports, “One or two women per month are rushed from here to DCH Regional Medical, usually in passenger cars driven by employees of the clinic. Imagine just being dropped off at the curb in an unstable condition, possibly hemorrhaging or groggy from medication — how can the ADPH pretend that kind of care deserves a license?”

Not only are these abortionists ending the lives of innocent babies – they are killing women.

How can anyone stand there with a straight face and claim abortion is “pro women” when all these places care about is lining their pockets with blood money?

As horrifying as this is – America is in big trouble should the wrong people take office.

The left has already outlined the new “agenda for women” which further funds anti-life beasts like Planned Parenthood.

Pro-lifers must continue to spread the word on what is actually happening behind closed doors.

The propaganda that abortion “helps women” is one of the greatest lies ever told.

Not only does it not help them, as more and more cases show, it can actually kill them.

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