A Botched Abortion Went Horribly Wrong: Now This Woman Can Never Have Kids Again

An abortion clinic is dangerous not only for unborn babies, but for women too. 

While pro-aborts dismiss the idea of anything ever going wrong during an abortion, this latest botched abortion highlights the risk women face each time they trust their body to those who want to kill.

And while this woman survived the abortion, she lost something she can never get back.

When her abortion went wrong, the clinic didn’t have the proper supplies on hand to deal with her complications.

As a result, this woman had to undergo a hysterectomy, and now she can never have children again. 

One cannot even imagine the horror she feels, knowing her ability to have children is forever gone, because a “safe” abortion went wrong. 

Live Action reported:

“An investigation into the incident by the Louisiana Department of Health (LDH) revealed that the Delta Clinic of Baton Rouge lacked basic emergency supplies on hand, such as IV fluid, Midazolam, and Adenosine, as well as the medical equipment needed to treat the woman suffering from abortion complications. According to a Louisiana Department of Health (LDH) citation dated March 29, 2019, the facility failed to ensure “a supply of emergency drugs for stabilizing and/or treating medical and surgical complications are maintained on the licensed premises,” which resulted in an inability to provide basic care until the arrival of the emergency medical services, as mandated by state health regulations.”

Not only do abortionists kill, but they don’t even have basic supplies in their clinics to help the women they claim to care about.

The overarching theme of abortion clinics is a reckless disregard for human life, at all levels. 

Sadly, this isn’t the first time a woman suffered at the hands of an abortionist.

Mommy Underground previously reported on the horrific 911 call of a screaming woman who had to be rushed to the hospital when an abortion went wrong.

And let’s not forget abortion clinics leaving live babies who survive botched abortions in a cold dark room to die. 

Some clinics even allow underage girls who are sexually abused to get abortions to cover up the trail of sexual predators.

Abortion clinics trick women into thinking abortion is the only option.

Women aren’t shown an ultrasound of their tiny baby, or pointed in the direction of other life-saving options like adoption. 

Instead, they market abortions as “safe” and use terms like “healthcare” to lure women through their doors.

Thankfully, movies like Unplanned revealed the truth behind Planned Parenthood and how their main motive is simply more abortions.

The women who enter through the doors of places like Planned Parenthood are often vulnerable and scared – and pro-aborts play to this fear.

Pro-lifers must continue to speak the truth on the real dangers of abortion clinics – they aren’t “pro women” – they are “pro money” – and value their bottom line above all else. 

Do you think abortion clinics are dangerous for women?

What are your thoughts on the abortion clinic not having supplies in their facilities in case of a medical emergency?

Tell us your thoughts in the comments below.

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