Hundreds Of Abortion Clinic Workers Quit After Seeing The Movie Unplanned

Liberals did everything they could to keep Unplanned out of theaters to prevent women from seeing the horrific truth of how Planned Parenthood runs their gruesome operations behind closed doors.

But despite their best efforts, including slapping an R-rating on the Christian flick, Unplanned made it to the big screen and has been saving lives ever since.

And now women who used to help abort babies are turning from their ways – and fleeing the abortion clinics in droves!

Some call watching the scales fall off the eyes of so many women who once advocated for aborting unborn babies but are now pro-life a supernatural phenomenon.

After all, Unplanned shocked even leftist critics with a strong opening weekend bringing in $6.1M.

But the success of Unplanned isn’t just in the money – the real success comes from the changed lives after seeing the film.

And when Chuck Konzelman the writer and director of Unplanned testified before Congress, he announced since the movie was released, already 1 percent of abortion workers in the U.S. have left the abortion industry.

Pureflix Insiders reported:

“The number of actual workers who have reached out is 94,” Konzelman revealed, estimating that this accounts for about 1 percent of abortion workers in the U.S.

The “Unplanned” director went on to say that these individuals are truly looking to change their lives..

One percent of the abortion workers in the United States, after getting one look at them being portrayed on film … have decided to change their lives … and what they do for a living,” Konzelman said.”

Given the fact the film hasn’t even been out for a month yet, this is fantastic news and a victory for life!

Lives are literally being changed by this movie.  And not only changed, but unborn babies are being saved.

Planned Parenthood thrives in keeping the truth hidden and buried, and by pretending to be “pro-women”, they dupe young girls to work for them and brainwash them to believe they are actually providing healthcare to women.

But now the horrors of the abortion industry have been broadcasted to the world and the truth has penetrated the darkness.

No longer can someone say they “did not know”, after seeing a film like Unplanned.

The battle for life in America continues to rage on, with pro-abort states like New York passing a law which allows babies to be slaughtered up until the day they are born, and on the other side of the coin, pro-life beacons of light like Ohio and Mississippi are making it illegal to kill a baby once a fetal heartbeat is detected.

But make no mistake – Planned Parenthood and other pro-abort execs will continue to try and silence the truth anyway that they can.

They tried to use social media to silence the truth, and they failed.

Regardless of what they try next, pro-lifers everywhere can have faith to know we are fighting on the right side of history.

As conservatives, we must continue to speak up for life and be prepared to join in the battle.

And moms, if you have not already seen the life-changing movie Unplanned, please add it to your list of movies to see – and bring a friend!

Let’s continue to pray and hope even more women who work for Planned Parenthood and other abortion providers will turn from their ways after seeing Unplanned.

Were you surprised to learn so many women who worked at Planned Parenthood have left their jobs after seeing the movie Unplanned?

What do you think is behind finally allowing abortion clinic workers to internalize the horrific truth of just how harmful abortion really is?

Tell us your thoughts in the comments below.

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