BUSTED — Planned Parenthood’s Biggest Lie Has Just Been Exposed

Planned Parenthood has marketed the biggest lie of all to women and for years, they’ve gotten away with it.

As millions of women entered the halls of Planned Parenthood, they had no idea the secret horrors that awaited them.

But thanks to the brutal honesty of current and former Planned Parenthood workers, their secret lie has been exposed, and now the world knows the truth.

You see, Planned Parenthood holds rallies and events around the country claiming to be “pro-women.”

Not knowing any better, young females flock to Planned Parenthood, including even the most hardcore of feminists.

But as more and more whistleblowers finally reveal the dark secrets of Planned Parenthood and how they operate, it’s obvious Planned Parenthood is anything but pro-women.

Live Action reported:

“One abortion worker, interviewed by pro-choice author Magda Denes, says that after handing the bodies of aborted babies, “I didn’t get rude or nasty with the girls, but it was a form of hostility that could be sensed. I would have an attitude.”

The pressure of work coupled with the emotional fallout of seeing dismembered body parts caused this abortion worker to have a negative reaction to her patients.

Recalling her time in the abortion business, former abortion worker Dina Madsen stated, “I have to admit, though, I didn’t really have much sympathy for them [the women]. In my view, well, you got yourself into this position, tough it out.”

The callousness of these pro-aborts is sickening.

Telling a woman she “got herself into this position” and to “tough it out” is anything but compassionate or “pro-women.”

And as Mommy Underground previously reported, many women did not get themselves into the position.

They were raped or trafficked, and yet Planned Parenthood backed the sexual predator over the woman.

Other women come into the clinic scared, with nowhere to turn.

But besides being callous towards women, Planned Parenthood workers actually admit to mocking women who enter their clinic.

“A facility owner and administrator of two abortion facilities said the following about her abortion patients:

Most of them don’t think [they] can take care of a child or another child or [are] not mentally able at this time to take care of a child.

Some are not the brightest light bulb. They’re really kind of “blank.”

Insulting women who enter their clinic is not pro-women.

Yet pro-aborts still hold rallies wearing pink, claiming they provide healthcare and “life-saving” services to women.

And for a while, women believed them.

But even some pro-choice women admit Planned Parenthood doesn’t care about women.

Live Action continued:

“Other women who had abortions describe similar situations. Leah, 22, who says she is still pro-choice, makes the following statement about her abortion:

[The abortion] still was a terrible experience.… The biggest thing was just the horror of it; I’d be so scared [if I had another abortion]… [to] go to that terrible hospital and have those sterile, terrible nurses and doctors looking down on me, just like I was in a production line with all those other women; that would be scary for me to have to go through that again…”

Women should never be made to feel like just a number.

Insulting and mocking scared mothers who are pregnant and persuading them to give up their babies is not pro-women.

Telling young mothers to “tough it out” and refusing to provide care is not pro-women.

These stories reveal what pro-life conservatives already know – a woman who walks through the doors of Planned Parenthood will not leave untraumatized.

Planned Parenthood takes pride in killing the life of an innocent baby, while crushing the soul of the woman, and they should be ashamed.

Why do you think Planned Parenthood workers don’t care about the women who enter their clinic?

Do you think Planned Parenthood will ever get shut down?

Tell us your thoughts in the comments below.

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