It’s Official! The Ohio Heartbeat Bill Is Signed Into Law Making Abortion Illegal

Unborn babies in Ohio just received the best news ever – as soon as their heartbeat is detected it is illegal to abort them.

Being touted as one of the most anti-abortion bills in the country, the Heartbeat Bill bans abortions once a heartbeat is detected which some doctors claim can be shown as early as 5-weeks.

And while many “pro-life” bills include exceptions like babies who were conceived through rape or incest – Ohio’s new Heartbeat Bill prohibits these exceptions and it is causing a firestorm in Ohio.

Republicans previously attempted to get this through, and while both the House and Senate supported it, then-Governor Kasich refused to sign the bill into law.

Kasich actually vetoed the bill twice, as he was too worried what his opponents would think of him.

But with Kasich gone and a new Governor in town, Ohio’s new Governor Mike DeWine expressed his full intent to sign the Heartbeat Bill into law, and then he followed through claiming it was the right thing to do.

WKYC reported:

“‘Taking this action really is a kind of a time-honored tradition, the constitutional tradition of making a good faith argument for modification or reversal of existing legal precedents,’ he said.

‘So that is what this is.’ He said it’s the government’s job to protect the vulnerable.”

Of course, pro-aborts and leftists are having a full-blown meltdown about the bill, realizing they’ll no longer be able to dupe women to slaughter their unborn babies.

They don’t know what to do with themselves, and abortion clinics realize they are bound to lose a considerable amount of money.

And in typical leftist fashion, they are threating to sue the state.

The National Review reported:

“The Ohio legislature passed a heartbeat bill last term, but it was vetoed by former Ohio governor John Kasich. Though Kasich is a Republican and describes himself as pro-life, he said the legislation wouldn’t hold up under legal challenge, so he refused to sign it into law. DeWine had no such qualms, even though the American Civil Liberties Union has announced its intention to sue the state, and Planned Parenthood of Ohio is expected to do the same.”

Good for Governor Mike DeWine for having the courage and conviction to stand up for unborn babies – regardless if the left threatens to sue.

We shouldn’t make moral decisions like protecting unborn babies based on how the other side will respond.

Pro-lifers agree, and are thrilled Ohio drew a strong line in the sand as a gruesome contrast to the devastating news out of New York and other pro-abort states, in addition to the sickening comments made by Virginia’s Governor regarding infanticide.

NBC News reported:

“‘The heartbeat bill is the next incremental step in our strategy to overturn Roe v. Wade,’ said Ohio Right to Life President Mike Gonidakis. ‘While other states embrace radical legislation to legalize abortion on demand through the ninth month of pregnancy, Ohio has drawn a line and continues to advance protections for unborn babies.’”

Even though Ohio has had the courage to get this bill through, opposition is expected.

We must continue to stand in solidarity and encourage our legislators that were placed into their positions for “such a time as this”, and they should use their power to help save the lives of unborn babies.

This latest move out of Ohio shows why elections matter and getting in pro-life politicians can help stop pro-aborts from ramming through their radical agenda.

Let’s hope the momentum continues and more states have the conviction to pass Heartbeat legislation and save the lives of unborn babies.

Were you surprised to learn the Heartbeat Bill passed in Ohio?

Do you think pro-abort opponents will succeed in upcoming court challenges?

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