Nurse Botches Abortion Then Impersonates Victim’s Mother on 911 Call To Cover It Up

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Markeisha Hemsley visited an abortion center hoping to end the life of her baby in her second trimester.

But her abortion went horribly wrong, and the wicked abortionist severely injured her – almost ending her life.

Instead of helping Markeisha, the abortionist tried to cover up the botched abortion by transporting her across state lines and lying on a 911 call – and just wait until you hear the gruesome details.

Markeisha selected Capital Women’s Services in Washington, D.C. for her abortion – knowing they brutally kill babies up to 36 weeks old.


She thought she’d be “in and out” – but the nurse botched her abortion in a major way.

But how can a nurse perform an abortion?

Well in D.C., laws favor any pro-abort policy – and even allow non-physicians to perform abortions.

But when nurse practitioner Khalilah Q. Jefferson went to kill Markeisha Hemsley’s baby – she couldn’t find the head – and severely damaged Markeisha’s body in trying to perform the abortion.

Operation Rescue reported: 

“Hemsley suffered life-threatening internal injuries during that dismemberment abortion procedure conducted by Jefferson. 

Injuries included a lacerated cervix, a three-inch tear in her uterus, and massive internal hemorrhaging.”

Of course, due to the internal trauma Jefferson wasn’t able to finish the abortion.

Even crazier, when Jefferson decided she wasn’t able to finish the abortion in the D.C. office, she transported Markeisha (against her will) across state lines to Maryland to finish the abortion in another office she worked at.

Markeisha was begging to go to the hospital, but Jefferson ignored her cries.

According to Operation Rescue, when they got to Jefferson’s Maryland office, Jefferson proceeded with the abortion, even though Markeisha’s anesthesia wore off and she was visibly in excruciating pain.

Markeisha’s mother had seen enough and called 911 – but Jefferson took the phone out of her hands – and impersonated the mother to the 911 operator.

Despite being in pain – Markeisha struggled to walk outside and wait for medical care – and has since sued the abortion provider.

This botched abortion shows just how dangerous abortions actually are – not only to babies but to women as well.

Markeisha could have died due to the gross mishandling of her body by Jefferson – who was so determined to finish the abortion – she transported Markeisha’s bloody and battered body across state lines – even willing to “finish the job” knowing the anesthesia wore off.

There is nothing “pro woman” about Capital Women’s Services.

Operation Rescue continued:

“Khalilah Jefferson showed no mercy to her suffering patient.  She essentially kidnapped and tortured Hemsley during a long day of abuse.  However, in this unfortunate political climate, it is doubtful that the current administration in Washington, D.C. or the authorities in Maryland will lift a finger to investigate any alleged crimes that may have been committed by Jefferson,” said Troy Newman, President of Operation Rescue.

An abortion clinic is one of the most dangerous places for a woman.

Let’s hope these brutal slaughterhouses are closed down for good – and that these abortionists never have the power to take an innocent life or hurt another woman ever again.

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