Liberal Judge Claims Pro-Life Activists Are a “Health Risk” to Abortion Clinics

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Liberal Judge Claims Pro-Life Activists Are a “Health Risk” to Abortion Clinics

All across the country, faithful groups of pro-life activists stand outside abortion clinics willing to pray with women and talk with them, hoping they’ll choose life.

And, it is their constitutional right to do so.

But in leftist New York City, these pro-lifers are seen as a threat, and a federal appeals court claims they’re breaking the law.

Instead of allowing and supporting their freedom of speech, this court wants pro-lifers to be silent – hoping women will be able to enter abortion facilities with no one trying to stop them.

Reuters reported:

“Ruling in favor of the New York attorney general’s office, the 2nd U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals rejected claims by the 13 protesters that a federal law and a similar state law protecting abortion providers and patients from attacks and threats of force violated their constitutional free speech rights.

In a 116-page decision, Circuit Judge Rosemary Pooler said the federal law was designed to be broad, “given the health risks women needing reproductive care face because of the increased stress, anxiety, and agitation” from misconduct by protesters.”

That’s right, according to this liberal court, pro-lifers are deemed a “health risk” for daring to try and stop women from getting abortions.

As if the women entering abortion clinics aren’t already stressed and anxious!

Studies have shown many pro-lifers have prayed with women who were seeking abortion, and have been able to help them change their minds, and stop them from entering the abortion clinic.

Of course, abortionists hate this, because they want to make it seem like abortion is completely normal.

It’s no surprise this is coming from New York City – a place that actually lit up their tallest building to celebrate the new law that allowed babies to be slaughtered up until birth.

And in New York City, they are so obsessed with doing as many abortions, as quickly as possible, they’re even endangering the lives of women in the process.

It’s in the darkest areas of the country like New York City where it’s more important than ever that women seeking abortion know they have another option.

Abortion clinics may try and pretend they are “pro women”, but each time a woman enters those doors she’s facing a lifetime of trauma, not to mention ending the life of an innocent baby.

And leftist courts may try and paint pro-lifers out as the bad guys, when all they’re trying to do is speak up for life, and walk alongside these troubled women.

It’s a sad day in America where the freedom of speech of pro-lifers is snuffed out just so more babies can get slaughtered.

But with Biden and his pro-abortion team, arguably the most pro-abortion administration in history running the show, it looks like the battle we face is uphill.

Nonetheless, we must keep speaking out for life, babies’ lives depend on it.

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