Praise God! Pro-Life Campaign Saves Baby From Abortion

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There’s nothing worse than watching a scared young woman approach an abortion clinic, and emerge hours later with a face full of pain and shame, knowing she just ended the life of an innocent baby.

Pro-lifers know the battle for life isn’t simply behind a keyboard, but is out in the trenches where the women actually are.

And in Texas, when a couple was about to head into the abortion clinic to slay their unborn child, God had other plans.

You see, a group of faithful prayer warriors were gathered outside the abortion clinic, not only to pray for an end of the slaughter of unborn babies, but to be available to pray with women and families who were about to abort their babies.

The goal of these prayer warriors was to show them another way.

You see, while some women “proudly” and disgustingly “shout their abortions”, others are pregnant and scared, and don’t know what else to do.

And in Texas, one couple who was about to get an abortion decided to speak with the prayer warriors stationed outside an abortion clinic.

After speaking with them, instead of following through with their abortion – they decided to cancel the abortion!

Of course, the abortion clinic tried to persuade them to continue with the abortion, threatening they wouldn’t refund the money.

But the group of pro-life warriors helped to cover the cost of the refund – and directed the couple to a pregnancy help center.

Life News reported:

“By 8:00 am, a young couple came out of the Hill Top abortion facility to speak to Venessa and Jackie,” said Mark, whose organization manages several area vigils.

The conversation empowered the couple to choose life!

When the facility refused to give a refund, Jackie shared that financial assistance is available to cover the payment for the cancelled abortion appointment and redirected the couple to a nearby pregnancy help center.”

Many pro-aborts mock pro-lifers praying outside of abortion clinics, claiming their prayers are worthless as women know what they want and won’t waver.

Other clinics know the power of prayer works, and have tried to ban prayer from taking place near the abortion clinics.

Even more troubling, some “Christian” pastors try and “bless” abortion clinics, claiming they are doing God’s work.

But one thing is clear – women who are pregnant and considering abortions need to know they have other options.

Abortion clinics hate women actually seeing their baby on an ultrasound, because it’s harder to kill a baby when you see it moving inside the womb and hear its heartbeat.

Let’s continue to pray for pro-life activists on the front lines fighting the good fight to end abortion.

In addition, it’s critical to make sure politicians who are elected in your home state will stand for unborn babies – regardless of how they were conceived.

With the horror of New York City celebrating unborn babies being able to be killed up until birth and other states flirting with pro-infanticide policies – it’s critical conservatives support pro-life candidates.

In the meantime, consider volunteering to help women through a crisis pregnancy, or even talk with them and pray to show them another way.

You just might save the life of a baby!

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