Leave It To The Left: A Mother’s Day Tribute That Is Pure Evil

Most mothers likely received expressions of love from their children and other family last week in a celebration of the greatest job in the world.

One would think that Mother’s Day is a universal day to spread a positive message — and not a particularly obvious time to get political.

But leftists groups did just that this past Mother’s Day, offering “tributes” that were truly evil in their message and intent.

The National Abortion Rights Action League – NARAL – posted an offensive message on their Facebook page to wish everyone a “Happy Mother’s Day.”

With a backdrop of pretty writing and bright colors, NARAL shared this greeting: “Happy Mother’s Day:  I’m proud to support every mom’s decision about WHEN, HOW, AND WITH WHOM to have children,” and encouraged the message to be shared.

And abortion giant Planned Parenthood, who kills hundreds of thousands of babies each year, tweeted a sickening message on Mother’s Day in celebration of moms who are making the decision not to be mothers.

The tweet was accompanied by colorful photos of smiling mothers and their children, along with quotes from the women celebrating all that Planned Parenthood “does for women” each year.

From Planned Parenthood’s Mother’s Day “card:”

Happy #MothersDay! Planned Parenthood is proud to celebrate mothers in the U.S. and around the world. We’re committed to fighting for a world where all mothers can live healthy lives, and raise their children in peace.

“I am a proud mother working for Planned Parenthood.  I want my son to grow up learning sex education and live a healthy and safe reproductive life.”  Raquel, Planned Parenthood of Arizona

“Planned Parenthood is committed to fighting for mothers, women, and the families that depend on them throughout the world – because every woman should be able to decide if and when to be a mother.”

The sickening irony of the message, of course, is that there is no opportunity to “raise their children in peace” when these women have chosen to kill the children they should be raising.

Even on Planned Parenthood’s own Twitter feed, the comments showed that Mother’s Day greetings from the abortion giant were ludicrous.

One comment that had several others in agreement was,

“Umm, you’re in the business of preventing women from becoming mothers.”

These abortion providers seem to believe the twisted leftist logic that they are helping to make better mothers by helping them choose when they feel it is convenient for them to have children.

They believe that mothers who have abortions are somehow also deserving of being celebrated on Mother’s Day – a sickening insult to mothers who actually sacrifice every day to give their children the best life possible.

California Family Council reported:

Every year, Planned Parenthood kills roughly 320,000 preborn babies, ripping away a lifetime opportunity of motherhood for the corresponding number of women. Although Planned Parenthood doesn’t like to admit it, every single woman who has an abortion is already a mother. At the moment when their child was conceived they became mothers.

Contrary to Planned Parenthood’s claims, promoting abortion does not celebrate mothers in any way. Abortion does not contribute to a mother living a healthy life, and while having an abortion doesn’t remove a woman from being a mother, it removes the possibility of that mother ever experiencing the joy of raising her child.

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Planned Parenthood is in the business of preventing women from experiencing the joys of motherhood. Planned Parenthood issuing any kind of Happy Mother’s Day wishes is supremely ironic and insensitive coming from the world’s largest abortion provider. There are millions of moms in the world – biological, adopted, spiritual – and those yearning for motherhood. Planned Parenthood’s fake Mother’s Day tweet is like a slap in the face to every single mom or would-be mom.

Are we somehow supposed to feel sorry for these mothers who cannot experience the true meaning of Mother’s Day because they chose to kill their children and end the opportunity to experience the joys of motherhood?

The women who experience unplanned pregnancies that may very well make their circumstances difficult and still choose to raise and love their children are those who know the meaning of Mother’s Day.

The women who desperately fight through pregnancy complications and do whatever they must to keep their child alive – even endangering their own lives — are those who know the meaning of Mother’s Day.

The women who give their children up for adoption to give them a better life than they can provide are those who know the meaning of Mother’s Day.

Motherhood means sometimes making sacrifices of ourselves for the children we love more than anything, but it is certainly not sacrificing the child for our own needs.

What do you think of the sickening “Mother’s Day cards” posted online by abortion providers?  Leave us your thoughts.