South Dakota Governor Warns Pharmacies It Is A Felony To Distribute Abortion Pills

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Ever since Roe v. Wade was overturned, pro-aborts have been determined to find new ways to increase abortions.

And with President Joe Biden leading the way – the abortion crowd is working overtime to promote abortion pills – even bringing them to major retail pharmacies.

But thankfully some states like South Dakota are holding the pro-life line and firing off a warning shot to any pharmacy that dares distribute these pills to end a life – and just wait until you hear what South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem had to say.

To start – while abortions used to only take place inside dingy abortion clinics – now they’ve gone full-blown mainstream.

Wicked pro-aborts equate popping an abortion pill to kill a baby as something as an “easy act” that can be done with one’s morning coffee.

It’s sick.

Major retail pharmacies like CVS have already vowed to sell these abortion drugs to women – and the “telehealth” options enable women to order pills in the mail.

There are even some places where unmarked vans drive up to the borders of pro-life states ushering women to cross state lines to abort their babies.

But throughout all the darkness and evil of the abortion industry – there are still guardians for life.

South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem didn’t hold back when she warned pharmacies it would be a felony to distribute abortion pills.

Governor Noem and Attorney General Jackley penned a letter to South Dakota pharmacists and laid down the law.

Live Action reported:

“The two Republicans pointed to the Supreme Court’s Dobbs decision, which triggered South Dakota’s near-total ban on the practice, and the state’s own law prohibiting dispensation of the pill.

“This side-stepping on the part of the FDA permits dangerous, at-home abortions without any medical oversight,” write Noem and Jackley.

“It also violates state law that makes dispensing this medication for abortions a felony. Chemical abortions remain illegal in South Dakota. Under South Dakota law, pharmacies, including chain drug stores, are prohibited from procuring and dispensing abortion-inducing drugs with the intent to induce an abortion, and are subject to felony prosecution under South Dakota law, despite the recent FDA ruling.

Their resources should be focused on helping mothers and their babies, both before birth and after.”


So much time and energy is spent aiding women in killing their babies – imagine what would happen if resources were allocated to actually help pregnant moms and their babies – from the time of conception, through delivery, and even after.

Sadly, many women buy into the lie pushed by pro-aborts – that having an abortion is “empowering” and a “solution” to a “problem.”

But a baby is never a problem.

Each and every precious baby is a gift whose life deserves to be protected and cherished.

If Biden and the abortion crowd think they can skirt around pro-life state laws by allowing abortion drugs to be dispensed – let’s hope more Governors and Attorneys General follow South Dakota’s lead.

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