Baby Loses Battle After Six Month Hospital Stay

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Everyone thought little Chesley would beat the odds and come home to be with her family, but sadly her story has a different ending.

One can only imagine the pain of having a child in the hospital and the hopes that everything will turn out alright.

Sadly, things took a turn for the worst for one little girl and her story needs to be told.

Ashley Ness made headlines last year when she found out she was pregnant with quadruplets that consisted of not one – but two sets – of mono-di twins.

Mono-di twins are identical twins that share a placenta, meaning that two babies are sharing one nutrient supply, which normally would support one baby.

In Ashley’s case, she had four babies and only two placentas, making her pregnancy even more complex and rare.

After making it to 28 weeks, the quadruplets, twin girls and twin boys, were delivered via c-section.

Medical advancements are allowing babies to survive at a younger gestational age then before, like the 24-weeker who was born at just 7.5 ounces!

And the world celebrated when the most premature baby turned one years old.

Ness’s quadruplets spent the next six weeks in the NICU at Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston.

Chatham, Chesley’s identical twin, was released first, followed by their brothers, Chance and Cheston, a couple weeks later.

Chesley, however, was still not able to go home.

While her siblings were thriving at home, Chesley was still struggling in the hospital.

Her mother, Ashley Ness, had this to say in a recent interview with People:

“Just everything is happening to her, but she has been taking it ‘like a champ’.”

            “Day in and day out, she fought and fought and continued to beat the odds. Her strength was unwavering. Each time she overcame an obstacle, we were so excited, thinking that finally, all the quads would be home together soon. We are positive that she would live a long and healthy life.”

The family remained hopeful, as any parent would.

A mother’s love and devotion for her child is unlike any other.

There was nothing Ashley wouldn’t do if it meant saving her baby girl’s life.

But, sadly, Chesley lost her battle just before turning seven-months-old.

Ashley Ness has been open about her journey on social media and broke the news to the world in this heartfelt post:



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Our hearts break for this little girl and her family.

Please keep them in your prayers.