Politician Claims Banning “Transgender” Surgeries for Kids Is “Genocide” And Will Erase “Trans Babies”

Photo by Ted Eytan on Flickr.com


As President Biden and his leftist pals work to force through their LGBT agenda – their statements are more radical than ever.

At the state level, conservative heroes like Governor Ron DeSantis are working to slow down the LGBT madness…

… leading one female politician to utter the most ridiculous statement ever.

At a rally hosted by LGBT activists, Florida Rep. Anna Eskamani was furious at DeSantis and other conservative leaders for working to ban the mutilation of children’s bodies through “gender affirming care”.

Eskamani couldn’t believe anyone would dare stop doctors from performing gender transition surgeries on kids – and went so far as to accuse DeSantis of wanting to “commit genocide” by erasing “trans babies”.

She was also outraged that DeSantis and his team were cracking down on “drag queen” performances targeting children.

And in the most insane rant ever, Eskamani tried to motivate her pro-LGBT base…

… but her statement was so outrageous, even people in her own party were chastising her.

LifeSite News reported:

“When you strip away access to gender-affirming care, you are erasing trans people. You are erasing our trans babies!” Eskamani said during the rally. She also claimed Governor Ron DeSantis “wants to commit genocide on trans people” before defending drag shows.

“When you demonize drag, you are demonizing queer culture,” the leftist Democrat said to rapturous cheers from the LGBT activists behind her.

Her comments drew criticism from a top Democrat who indicated the rhetoric was hurting the party. “Anna is why we lose,” an unnamed official told The Florida Standard.”


The left has moved from endorsing grown men parading around in drag – to supporting gender transition surgeries for kids – to now actually insisting babies could be “transgender”.

But then again, we have Disney Junior introducing “trans Muppet babies”

… not to mention other networks practically tripping over themselves to introduce LGBT content to children.

And of course, we all know abortion giants like Planned Parenthood push “transgender” propaganda onto kids to line their own pockets.

It truly is sickening.

With so many adults willing to throw children under the bus to push an agenda – thankfully there are still fierce protectors of kids like Governor Ron DeSantis doing the right thing.

Let’s hope a day comes where it is unthinkable to suggest mutilating a child’s body in the name of promoting “LGBT rights”.

Children who struggle with gender dysphoria need mental health counseling – not adults encouraging them to “follow their feelings” and “change genders”.

And more than ever we need to continue to punish any business who promotes LGBT “drag shows” and other inappropriate events targeting children.

Our kids deserve better.

And if State Rep. Eskamani wants to think saving children is “genocide” – perhaps she doesn’t understand the word genocide the way she thinks she does.

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