DeSantis Punishes Business For Hosting Drag Show For Children

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Smug LGBT activists continue to promote their perverse agenda targeting children without remorse.

And while they seem to get away with it in most states – Florida Governor Ron DeSantis isn’t letting it happen on his watch.

A local bar that hosted a “drag show” which allowed minor children was warned they’d face consequences for exposing children – and just wait until you see how DeSantis laid down the hammer.

An Orlando bar decided to host a show called “A Drag Queen Christmas” and invited children while a series of grotesque and sexually explicit acts were performed.

DeSantis immediately had his Department of Business and Professional Regulation file a complaint against the establishment stating it broke Florida’s public decency law.

And the good news is – the bar was found guilty – and now their liquor license has been stripped – hopefully shutting their doors for good!

LifeSite News reported:

“The six-count complaint filed by the Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation (DBPR) accuses the Orlando Philharmonic Plaza Foundation of violating state law by exposing minors to sexual acts and “lewd and lascivious exhibitions.”

The DBPR charged the company with knowingly allowing performers to simulate sex acts, expose prosthetic genitalia and breasts, and display obscene videos in front of children at the December 28 show, called “A Drag Queen Christmas.”

Drag queens reportedly simulated masturbation, oral sex, and abortion and performed vulgar renditions of children’s Christmas songs, including “Screwdolph the Red-Nippled Reindeer.”

The arrogance of this bar to think they could host such a vile act and let children attend – and not face any consequences – shows just how far LGBT activists have gone outside of reality.

But DeSantis isn’t done yet.

As Mommy Underground previously reported, a Miami bar also hosted a “drag show” and a viral clip showed a small child around the age of 2 dressed in a tiara as a “transgender woman” proudly paraded her around.

The “transgender women” barely had clothes on and was wearing lingerie stuffed with dollar bills.

And yet again, DeSantis had his Department of Business and Professional Regulation file a complaint against the establishment.

If this complaint is successful – the Miami bar will also lose its liquor license.

And of course – bars are not successful without their liquor licenses – so they would likely be forced to close.

Good riddance!

Let’s hope all complaints against these bars prove successful so they can no longer harm children with their perverse sexual acts.

And cheers to Governor DeSantis for continuing to stand up for our children and fight back against the LGBT madness.

We need more Governors like him who refuse to sit back and watch activists corrupt our children.

Our children are vulnerable – and they must be protected from those who seek to do them harm – let’s hope DeSantis’s latest victory will inspire other states to take action against “drag queens” in their state!

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