Planned Parenthood Lines Their Pockets By Providing Gender Transition Programs For Kids

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Planned Parenthood isn’t satisfied that their radical pro-abort agenda has taken the lives of innocent babies, leaving a trail of tears for the women left behind.

Now, they’ve expanded their focus to help kids “change genders.”

And once you hear the sickening details of Planned Parenthood’s latest ploy to harm our children, you’re bound to be outraged.

Truly, Planned Parenthood is one of the most wicked organizations in the entire world.

Not only do they perform abortions and lie to women that abortion is their only option – but they celebrate it.

In fact, they’re so obsessed with killing babies they’re even willing to cover for sexual predators – and provide abortions for underage girls.

And just when you think the horrific deeds of Planned Parenthood couldn’t possibly get any worse – now they’ve got their hands mixed in with the LGBT agenda to confuse and destroy the minds of innocent children.

Journalist Abigail Shrier broke the story about Planned Parenthood’s side hustle in selling “transgender” drugs to everyone – including minors.

And of course – not only is Planned Parenthood destroying lives with these drugs – but they’re lining their own pockets at the same time.

LifeSite News reported:

“According to Planned Parenthood, in just a few years they have become the second largest national provider of hormone “therapies,” with Shrier interviewing one employee who reported that one or two teenage girls were coming in to the local Planned Parenthood daily seeking testosterone – per day.

This was in a small town of 30,000. Shrier reported that Planned Parenthood employees were trained in how to obtain the girls’ “informed consent” and start providing them with the drugs.

This sideline, says Shrier, is very lucrative.”


Planned Parenthood’s lack of moral decency leads them to make money off the backs of teenage girls who struggle with gender dysphoria.

And instead of pointing young girls to mental health counselors or encouraging them to talk through their issues with their parents or another trusted adult, Planned Parenthood continues to exploit our most vulnerable.

While pro-aborts argue that Planned Parenthood is “healthcare” and helps those in need – time and time again Planned Parenthood’s actions have shown they don’t care about women – or underage girls.

All they care about is killing babies and making money – and they’ll jump on any bandwagon to do it.

Let’s hope more states continue to stand up to the LGBT madness and pass laws prosecuting any adult who dares to aid in the transitioning of a child.

Our children need safe adults in their life who will protect their best interests – especially since there are so many adults consumed with promoting their own personal agenda and willing to sacrifice the well-being of a child in the process.

Let’s hope the day comes when every Planned Parenthood in the country is forced to close their doors for good.

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