Handle The Stomach Flu Like A Pro With These Genius Mom Hacks

Photo by Lance Nishihira on Flickr.com


Let’s face it, the stomach flu is probably one of the most unpleasant parts of parenting, especially when multiple members of the family get it at the same time.

It’s a miserable experience for all and seems to always strike at the most inopportune time, like in the wee hours of the night, and always on freshly changed sheets.

Fortunately, with these tips, you can make it through the next battle with the stomach flu a little easier.

We’ve all been there – it’s been an exhausting week, but you’ve made it through and finally the weekend is just around the corner.

You’re looking forward to relaxing with the family.

But as you climb the stairs to go to bed, and the last holdout has finally fallen asleep – you hear it…

…the sounds of gagging that no momma wants to hear.

Your three-year-old just vomited all over his bed, his stuffed animals, his pajamas, and the floor.

While a sleepless night might be in your future, here are some mom hacks to help everyone rest and recuperate a little easier.

TikTok user LovedThisHatedThat had this to say after recently dealing with the stomach bug in their own house:

Scary Mommy reported:

” TikTok user LovedThisHatedThat begins while rounding the corner into a bedroom, where an air mattress is on the floor. “This is an inflatable mattress that we got on Amazon. [We] bought it for travel but have not traveled at all. [We] have only used it for sicknesses and illnesses. Sometimes we put it in our room. However, it saves us from having to clean the beds all night long. We call it “the puke bed.” It has been worth its weight in gold. I have gotten more use out of this than I ever thought I would, especially this month.”


No more climbing into the bunkbed and cleaning mattresses soaked with barf at 2am in the morning!

Inflatable mattresses are easy to move and even come in smaller sizes with sides to keep toddlers from rolling onto the floor.

Of course, always follow safety rules and safe co-sleeping protocols, especially with sick children.

You can also use a waterproof sheet or pad to cover a section of your living room couch.

Just make sure you cover a wide enough area to account for the splash zone!

Here are a few more ideas from Scary Mommy,

“Station small trash cans or buckets everywhere, even if you think your kiddo can carry one with them.

*Line said barf buckets with grocery bags (and maybe even put paper towels or outsized diapers at the bottom to absorb excess liquid) for easy disposal.

*Have a special cup. You already know you don’t feel like eating or drinking when you’re sick, and neither does your kiddo. A special sick cup will go a long way in encouraging them to hydrate.”

These are some great ideas and while we always hope we’ll never have to use them, we also know it’s a guaranteed certainty – the stomach bug comes to us all.

And one last tip, you can always start new healthy habits with your kids that will boost their immune systems and keep them in tip-top shape.

You’ve got this momma!