Madonna Hosts Benefit Concert In Nashville And You Won’t Believe Who Gets The Funds

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As the world continues to mourn the victims of the Nashville school shooting – Madonna decided to make a visit and add Nashville to her concert tour.

She even stated she would donate a portion of the concert proceeds.

But instead of gifting the money to the families of those who lost a loved one on that tragic day – Madonna has other plans – and you won’t believe what they are.

To start – we know the Nashville school shooter Audrey Hale was biological female who used male pronouns…

… as of “identifying” as he/him made Audrey a male.

Gender dysphoria is real – and those who struggle with it need mental help.

But Madonna doesn’t think so.

In fact, she’s so angry Tennessee passed legislation to slow down the LGBT madness that she decided to host a concert in Nashville AND donate a portion of the proceeds to pro-“transgender” organizations!

Madonna’s website states:

“With anti-LGBTQ+ legislation passing in Tennessee and other states, longtime social activist Madonna announced an additional stop on her The Celebration Tour in Nashville on December 22nd. 

A portion of proceeds from the show will go to trans rights organizations.

In regard to the over 100 anti-LGBTQ+ bills currently before state legislatures, Madonna says “the oppression of the LGBTQ+ is not only unacceptable and inhumane; it’s creating an unsafe environment; it makes America a dangerous place for our most vulnerable citizens, especially trans women of color. 

Also, these so-called laws to protect our children are unfounded and pathetic. Anyone with half a brain knows not to f*** with a drag queen. Bob and I will see you from the stage in Nashville where we will celebrate the beauty that is the queer community.”


Not only is she grotesquely choosing to throw children under the bus and call laws protecting their bodies “pathetic” …

… she’s even promoting “drag queens” claiming to celebrate the “beauty” of the pro-LGBT community.

But that isn’t even the worst part.

She’s doing it after a “transgender” shot up a school and murdered six people.

And she’s doing it in the same city!

Most conservatives wouldn’t call Madonna a “class act” anyway…

… but this latest move really shows how tasteless and out of touch she really is.

Make no mistake – liberals are more than willing to exploit the Nashville school shooting and use it as a chance to push more gun control laws and LGBT “rights”.

We already know gun-free zones don’t work – and simply give the bad guys a green light to slaughter innocent people.

Not to mention, the liberal left should be more focused on coming together to support the families of those who were murdered by Audrey Hale.

But instead, they are determined to cause a fit claiming Hale was “misgendered” because law enforcement officers continue to refer to her by her biological sex.

Shame on Madonna.

Even at the age of 64 she continues with her attention-seeking antics.

Let’s hope her concert is a bust!

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