The True Cause Of School Shootings Revealed – Liberals Left Scrambling

The political war rages on as the approach to the school shooting crisis in our nation is addressed.

Liberals want to blame guns for the decline of mental stability in our youth, while Republicans look to correct underlying causes in the tragic cultural shift that has aided in violence.

Conservative legislators are now stepping up and speaking out against the immorality that has been allowed to plague our country for far too long, contributing to the degradation of our children’s minds.

Governor Matt Bevin, a Republican from Kentucky, spoke on a video hosted by the American Enterprise Institute, defending his position that guns are not the cause of people’s actions.

Bevin was honest and upfront about how it is “naive and premature to talk about gun control”, and put blame more on the culture of our day, saying that thinking a single legislative act is going to solve our problems is “delusional.”

With every school shooting, Democrats looks to push their agenda by taking away the American right to defend ourselves.

The irony is that the legislation they aim for would not have prevented many, if any, of the school shootings, such as the new law after the Florida massacre where they changed the legal age to buy a handgun from 18 to 21.

It was emphasized in Bevin’s response that we don’t value human life as a society anymore, through abortion, pornography, media, video games, and medically assisted suicides we are “desensitized to the value and dignity of human life”, he said.

Liberals want to be able to express themselves any way they want, whether or not it is juxtaposed with societal filth.

Bevin spoke to this fact by saying that it is evident “that we increasingly want to remove any sense of moral authority from everything.”

With that being said, the authority in the home is lacking. In a study on Pew Social Trends mothers only spend an average of 14 hours per week providing child care for their kids.

Children need to be raised by their parents, and parents need to be aware of the mental health of their children by staying involved in their lives.

It is not the government’s responsibility to monitor the well-being of our children. Legislation shouldn’t be the main factor in reducing school shootings, parenting our children should.

Another politician speaking out to see that a fundamental change is addressed in our culture to reduce school shootings is Representative Diane Black, a Republican for Tennessee.

During a listening session in Clarksville, Black explained how she likes to look at root causes of gun violence in schools.

Fox News reported:

Black, who is running for governor, blamed gun violence in schools on a myriad of issues: the “deterioration of family,” violent movies, mental illness and pornography. Without a strong support system, Black said, young people can “go in the wrong direction” after seeking “something” on the internet or with certain friends.”

It was not clear in what capacity Black was blaming pornography for gun violence, but explained how it is readily available, and that it is being accessed without parental permission.

The Huffington Post tried to make light of the traumatizing issue at hand by suggesting Rep. Black must be watching pornography they are unaware of, that would make people violent.

While the leftist media is trying to poke fun at Black’s pornography claims, the truth is that evidence points to its rampant exposure to negative effects in our youth.

The non-profit organization Fight the New Drug is dedicated to making the public aware of the lasting and damaging effects of pornography.

Fight the New Drug reported:

Research has confirmed that those who watch porn (even if it’s nonviolent) are more likely to support statements that promote abuse and sexual aggression toward women and girls.”

Their site also highlights respectable research on how pornography damages relationships, making the viewer less stable in relationships, and more cynical of their status.

As we can recall, both recent mass school shootings in Florida and in Texas were triggered by a girl refusing the shooters’ advances.

With most statistics pointing to between 92% and 97% of boys viewing pornography before the age of 18, it is possible this was a contributing factor in the gunman’s compromised mental health status.

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In the Florida and Texas school shootings, as well, the decline in mental health of the perpetrators was apparent; with peers and adults alike reporting on the transition.

Rep. Black pointed out in her speech that in the 17-year-old Texas shooter, “friends were able to pinpoint a change in behavior of the teenager.”

Mental illness and lack of parental involvement were among the core reasons Black thinks a troubled youth can turn into a violent offender.

So I believe mental illness is something we’ve got to address. We’ve got to address the family,” she said, according to Fox News.

Liberals are aces at pointing blame and not taking responsibility. We must address influences that are damaging the core of what makes a person take on moral inclinations.

If we continue, as a society, to allow life to be taken for granted, the acts that demonstrate that lack will never cease.

Please let me know in the comments section what you think of Rep. Black and Gov. Bevin’s view on the root causes of school shootings.