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Insanity – Governor Tells Folks To Keep Their Masks On “Between Bites” While Dining Out

  Friends and families across the country have long enjoyed gathering together over a meal and breaking bread with one another. While the mask mandate has dominated America – folks enjoyed being able to still gather in a restaurant – and while they may have to wear a mask to […]

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Rockstar Dad Creates The Most Incredible Gift For Sick Children

  Having a sick child in the hospital is every mother’s worst nightmare. Often, parents feel helpless as they watch their precious child go through unthinkable pain while doctors work around the clock hoping to get them well. And when one dad visited his friend’s sick child at the hospital […]

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Biden Calls Hometown Hero A White Supremacist To Appeal To BLM

  It is not uncommon for the left to twist an event so that their dark plans look less sinister. It is also not uncommon for liberals to target children to perpetuate an agenda that destroys innocence, makes a mockery of the traditional family, and kills more children than any […]

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A Look At 5 Myths About Babies We All Thought Were True

  There has never been more judgement, superstition and old wives tales than there has been surrounding children. Specifically, bringing a new life into the world creates this excitement in women that often gets misplaced. So to help you sort through the endless stream of advice and misinformation, we have […]

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Think You May Be Able To Shop Without A Mask Again One Day- Then You Have A ‘Normalcy Bias’

  Strangely enough, we have begun to get used to seeing everybody covering their face with masks- from the grocery store to community meetings. The kind of Orwellian society where signs everywhere warn you how the government requires complete cooperation with their unlawful mandates as Big Brother watches your every […]

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Liberals Claim They Rely On Science But Their Actions Say Otherwise

  We hear the words “evidence” and “on the side of science” coming out of liberal’s mouths often. But that argument is only used when the skewed data supports their twisted ideologies. When it comes down to the empirical method and consistent outcomes, science is not on the left’s side […]

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4 Reasons Fall Is The Best

  All transitions are difficult, and nothing is tougher on families than saying goodbye to days at the beach and hello to the rigorous schedule of school life. However, fall does not have to be the end to all things fun. Not only does fall have a lot to offer, […]

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This Socialist Initiative To Control the Family Unit May Be Coming To a City Near You

  If there is one factor that we all consider the most important influence in our lives, it is our children – our families – and how God intended us to continue the generations on a foundation of faith. But traditional marriage, the family unit, and children’s lives have been […]

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Biden Skirts The Word “Abortion,” But Makes It Clear The Slaughter Would Continue on His Watch

  We’re right in the midst of the presidential debates that will help millions of Americans understand just what’s at stake in choosing who will take up residence in the White House in 2021. There are many issues worth considering, but among the most fundamental to who we choose to […]

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Mother Tased And Arrested Because She Refused To Wear A Mask Outdoors

  A young mom wanted to watch her young son play football and never dreamed her afternoon would end with her in handcuffs. While sitting outside on the bleachers with her mother enjoying the fresh air, this mom was approached by an officer for not wearing a mask. The events […]