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Extreme Dangers Linked to “Abortion by Mail” Program

  We hear it time and time again – the Left says abortion is a “women’s healthcare issue.” But what they don’t talk about is all the damage, both physical and emotional, that is caused when a woman aborts her child. And we’re now hearing of a frightening scenario in […]
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One State Sets a Precedent to Help Children of Military Families Succeed in School

  Most parents have spent the last weeks of summer concerned over the “ifs” and “hows” schools will be reopening as we continue to deal with our nation’s health crisis. Many classes are beginning virtually this fall, and parents are scrambling to figure out this extended period of at-home learning. […]
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Servers And Retail Workers Are Feeling The Brunt Of The Mask Backlash

  Many Americans are growing tired of being forced to wear a mask just to enter a restaurant or store – and their resentment is starting to show. Sadly, instead of channeling their anger to local and state politicians who are making the “new rules” – they are taking out […]
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Should Men’s Restrooms Have Changing Tables? This Dad Thinks So

  It’s a stereotype to believe only a mother is interested (or responsible) in caring for her baby. Sure, there are some things a dad can’t automatically do – like breastfeed his baby (until a breast pump can be used to bottle feed) – but dads are often eager to […]
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Politicians Threaten To Jail Parents And Teachers For Opening Private Christian Schools

  The media scare campaign has made some school officials terrified to resume school in the fall. Many schools around the country are opting for virtual learning, or some sort of “bizarre” hybrid combination. But then there are many private and Christian schools who refuse to remain controlled by fear- […]
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Calm The Chaos With These 5 Tips For The Busy Mom

  Being a mom is like working Black Friday everyday, but instead of being stampeded by a crowd of eager shoppers, it is by snack-devouring children. Yes, I’m sure being a mom is more rewarding than passing out cheap tv’s, but you get the idea. It may seem impossible to […]
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Biden Refused Communion Because Of His Anti-Biblical Position

  For politicians, going to a religious event is pre-meditated and often has more than one motive. And houses of worship take this in stride because they want to show love to everyone while supporting our leaders in government. But it is a priest’s duty to uphold the Scriptures- even […]
Retailers Pull Sickening Toy From Shelves After One Mom’s Social Media Post – And It’s a Wake-Up Call For Parents

Retailers Pull Sickening Toy From Shelves After One Mom’s Social Media Post – And It’s a Wake-Up Call For Parents

  One of the greatest challenges presented to parents in the last few years has been finding appropriate entertainment that has not been corrupted by the agenda of the Left. Children’s programming on television, films, books, and even toys have increasingly promoted the LGBTQ agenda, which many believe is an […]
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Getting Your Child To Finish A Task May Have An Easy Answer

  A large number of families are turning to homeschooling for their educational needs. This has caused parents to be tested in more ways than one – to say the least. But all of the worksheets, crafts, and new lesson plans can be conquered with this one invaluable chapter trait. […]
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Mom Break: Study Shows the Benefits of One-on-One Time with Dad

  In recent decades as traditional values have eroded, so has the traditional family unit comprised of a mother, father, and children. But countless studies have proven the importance of both parental roles in the mental well-being of their children. Much of this research has now been poured over by […]