This State Just Launched An Abortion Hotline

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Abortion advocates are still in a frenzy ever since Roe v. Wade has been overturned – and they’ve moved their battle to the states.

Pro-abort states have stepped up their game and made abortions even easier for women to get – and this state even launched a hotline.

And once you learn what happens when women call the hotline – you’re bound to be horrified.

The hotline was launched in Massachusetts, which is one of the most pro-abort states in America.

In fact, last year, Massachusetts already codified abortion into their state constitution.

But apparently that wasn’t enough for them – and now they’ve launched an abortion hotline to make it even easier for women to kill their babies.

According to Live Action, the abortion hotline is supported by Reproductive Equity Now Foundation in partnership with Massachusetts Attorney General Campbell, the Women’s Bar Foundation, the ACLU of Massachusetts and five law firms.

Apparently, the goal is for women to call and have their “legal” questions answered regarding abortion so they can kill their babies and not get in trouble.

Pro-abort Senator Elizabeth Warren, the same Senator who attacked life-saving crisis pregnancy centers, also supports the abortion hotline.

Live Action reported:

“It will help people and families, including those who travel from out of state seeking care, access these critical health care services,” Campbell said.

“Abortion remains legal in Massachusetts and no anti-abortion extremist should be able to reach across our borders and challenge that,” Rebecca Hart Holder, President of the Reproductive Equity Now Foundation, remarked.

“With this hotline, Massachusetts is fighting back against misinformation, deception, and outright lies. This hotline ensures that both health care providers and patients can confidently go to one centralized place for free to learn about the protections afforded to them under the law,” Warren said.”

Of course – the abortion hotline doesn’t help scared pregnant women find ways to keep their babies – or connect them to life-saving pregnancy centers.

Instead – it only tells them the legality behind how they can kill their babies and not face legal trouble.

But remember, we live in a society now where unmarked vans drive up to the borders of pro-life states ushering women to cross state lines to abort their babies.

Not to mention, we have the President of the United States pushing mail-order abortion pills, and retail pharmacies making the abortion pill readily available to anyone who wants it.

Imagine how many babies’ lives would be saved if Massachusetts developed a hotline for pregnant women to connect them with someone who could walk alongside them in their pregnancy!

Oftentimes a pregnant mom just needs to know someone cares, and that there are resources available to help her.

Instead, this pro-abort state leads women to believe abortion is their only option.

Sadly, many states will likely develop their own abortion hotlines, and this is only a snapshot of what is to come.

Our women deserve so much better.

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