Precious – Entire Second Grade Class Came To Celebrate Their Classmate’s Adoption

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There’s nothing more special than realizing one now has a “forever home.”

Even though Jasmine Brown had a tragic start to her life – she was ecstatic to celebrate the happiest day of her life surrounded by her entire class.

And once you hear the details of this heartwarming story you’re bound to be moved to tears.

Every child deserves to be in a loving home where they are loved and cared for.

But we know in this broken world that isn’t always the case.

Jasmine spent 3 years in foster care – and ended up being placed in 7 different houses!

Can you imagine!?

Instead of being able to simply be a child and live a carefree life – Jasmine was passed around from house to house and treated like a piece of luggage.

But then one day she found out the best news of all – she was getting adopted!

Excited for their fellow classmate, Jasmine’s entire second grade class showed up to celebrate her adoption and even wore matching shirts and signs that said “Happy Jasmine Day!”

Live Action reported:

“It was a very special time. I think it was great for those kids to get to witness that and see how that works. You hear about adoption but if you’ve never been a part of one, you really don’t know the legality part of it and how it all goes down. So I think that was a great experience for them to be able to be a part of that,” said principal Tara Morrow.”


In addition to supporting their classmate, it was a wonderful opportunity for children to be part of the pro-life movement – and understand adoption is a real thing – it does happen – and that there are blessings when a mom chooses life.

The media doesn’t talk about adoption much – and they spin the narrative to make it seem as if every child is trapped in foster care with no one to care for them.

But nothing could be further from the truth!

In fact, the couple that adopted Jasmine is no stranger to caring for children in foster homes.

Since 2015, they fostered 37 other children welcoming them into their home.

Talk about living out one’s faith!

We wish Jasmine all the love in the world as she starts her new life in her forever home.

If you’ve never considered fostering or adopting a child – know the need is great – and pray and talk with your family to see if it is something you would consider doing.

Adoption is a beautiful and selfless act of love – from the birth mother who courageously chose life and knew she couldn’t care for her child so placed her up – to the family who puts forth the time and resources to raise another child as their very own.

Don’t let the media discourage you that all children are “stuck” in the system.

There are countless stories just like Jasmine’s of little ones finding their forever home!

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